Fausa Eleja season 3 episode 4

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…i opened the message and it was from a restricted number…………..
“hello Mr. lover boy, if you truly love your wife fausa, we need your presence at our arena before 1:00am tomorrow…..your wife is here in our abete………if you love yourself and your wife, you can inform the corps…… ………..if you didn’t meet up with the time. that means you gonna meet the dead body of your wife at the main road to the school entrance…”

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…. Which kind wahala be this?, what is this? Who sent such message to me? Or was the message sent to a wrong recipient? Surely no! because my wife’s name was mentioned in the content of the message ,,, so the message is surely meant for me….what can I do now?…..how will i locate this men?….who are they? WHAT are they intend to do??? DO they want my demise????? Or part of my body??? or do they want me to witness how they gona kill my angel? HAA i must stop this…… i woke seye up from his sleeping and discuss it with him…..he laughed like a brave warrior…………

Seye: they may intend to threaten you in return for what you did to gen sec…… it seems gen sec is behind this…..

me: could it be gensec? or bro john has discovered about his missing wife who was killed by us??????????

Seye: by how many of you?

Me: you are not there now!

seye: you are now talking! so if that is so, could his first attempt to do to us would be this??????

me: i don’t know ooooooo

seye: boy, think sharply, it is surely from gen sec, have you forgotten what he said to you about threatening in your chats then?

ME: haaaa naso ooooooo….but to say the truth…. you led me into this………

Seye: shutup jur. you know even get any sense atall……is
that what you should be saying at the moment???? or the solution instead??????

ME: ok what can we do now?

SEye: you are now talking……let me see the location to their arena…….

ME: they didn’t include it to the text….

SEYE: then how did they expect you to locate them???

ME: meself neva know o………”we were on this matter when a message got into my phone……i opened it and it was the description to the arena……i showed it to seye and seye brought up an idea……”


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