Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 7

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fausa: please help me, i don’t want the father of my daughter to be no more..,. please alabi mi owon, i seriously love you but i offended you because i can’t terminate the only pregnancy that i got the chance to have in this life

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me: lol, did i just heard love? Never in your life tell me you love me

fausa: please i love you with all my life…,please help me to release him, please, i will do everything you want from me even with my body

me: who will have your body again?? You this nothing but a slot………

Fausa: say anything to me, you are free but please do me my want for God sake…

Me: ok no problem..,…@@@i dropped my account number @@@….deposit 1million naira to this account on or before nextweek monday

fausa: please why did you chose to threatened me like this????? Please remember all I have done for you in the past, where do you want me to get this amount? Please i take God beg you..,…

Me: you can go for a prostitution work to get the money before that time because there is nothing different between you and those Ashewo girls……..bye…….
…….I ended the conversation and i was happy the plans worked out….,….,.i told seye about it and he was happy as well.. she keep begging me all days but I stood on my request…three days after the conversation…. After 3days fausa called me and she begged me to accept #500,000 from her and free her husband, i told her to deposit it to my account. I saw an alert coming into my phone from fausa on that faithful day but I was surprise with what my eyes was seeing, it was the same amount she begged me for……………..after i got the alert i told her i can’t release him until she balance, she cried on the phone but i wouldn’t listen to it..,. a day before the given day, she came to my house, she came along with #200,000, thank God seye wasn’t around when she came, she entered and started begging and weeping to free her husband.,. we were on this matter when seye just open the door and entered without knocking….
Thank God fausa back the door and before she could turn and look back, seye had already slammed the door back before us and ran out…..

Me: you this kid, come in, if you wanna enter jur…..and stop disturbing me or better you goto your mummy

fausa: please let leave that aside, leave the piking alone he is still a small boy

me: *back to our conversation*…..what do you want me to do now? because your money is not completed

fausa: please i beg you and i promise to pay you the rest immediately he has been released from the police custody because his salary had been freezed.. please I beg you

me: ok don’t worry.. i have heard you

fausa: no please…..call the station in my presence now

me: alright is that what you want?

Fausa: yes

me: ok bring that money! I collected it and I put a call to the DPO to free the man….she was happy and left my house with joy..,.,………after 2hrs, seye entered and asked what brought her to me i told her the amount she brought and he said i should forget the rest because once i free him, many thing can happen..,….,i asked him what can happen but he didn’t tell me, he said we should wait and see..,.
After 2month that i released mr.john, i just decided to go and find out the reason why i have not heard anything about my remaining money and the reason why her number is no more going and also why her bbm, whatsapp are not delivered…,……i went there and i discovered they have relocated and nobody know there whereabout ……,.i was shocked and laugh out loud.,. so this is what seye means with that statement “many things may happen” .,…haaaa humanu? Well they don’t know i have already forgotten the remaining money and they ran away lol.,…,..

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