Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 17

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Me: are you kidding me?????

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Suzzie: just believe, where are we gonna hook up in abuja?????

Me: won’t you mind my house?????

Suzzie: your house?????? Can you allow me? Cos am gona spend nothing less than 3 to 4days…..

Me: I stay all alone now , do you have a house in abuja????

Suzzie: not atall, am aiming I could get an hotel

Me: then come and spend as much as you like in my house now……but am gonna chase you with my stubborn prick

Suzzie: lol, or you go tire of my lavana….

Me: let wait and see

We ended the conversation and I was damn happy atleast am gonna make a taste of a braggart suzzie this time………

I received a call from suzzie about her arrival when I was still In the office that faithful afternoon, I gave her the direction to my office. She came and I was amazed of her extra ordinary beauty far beyond what I do see on her profile on bbm…….. …….she entered my office and I didn’t know what I was doing at that moment again ……..

Me: welcome my clit……..@I stood up from my seat and move to embrace her………

Suzzie: oohhh my darling prick,,,,,whatsup…….hope my dick is there loaded…..

@hhaaaaa mogbe, so this girl really mean this thing!!

Me: come see that yourself……….@I walked to her and we hugged kiss like we have knew each other before or we are a lover before……….@

Suzzie touched to confirm how big my dick was and she was damn amazed to see how strong and big my dick was….she didn’t hesitated atall and she went on her kneel, brought out my dick and started sucking…….she sucked like her life depends on it, this make me deduced that she was so in love with my dick……………..she sucked like as if that would be the end of our meeting, she sucked until I released inside her mouth, I then lifted her up the desk and started pounding the well shaved kittycat, I fucked like my life depends on it, when I noticed she was making a loud sounds, I played music from my laptop and I connected it to a speaker and make it above her sounds…..we were on this hard work when we heard… kokoko……meanwhile the door was not locked…who would that be????

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