Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 2

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The most quarreling tolu and I usually have all the time was about “am tired, I can’t cook” “am tired, I can’t wash” “I’m tired I can’t sweep” what nonsense?????does she expected me to be doing all those chores for her???????????? That would be over my dead body,,,,, how would I be doing all those chores my wife supposed to do when I’m married.?????? I can never, I would rather ask her to quit the job and face the house work..but to think wisely, if this girl quit the job… its gonna affect me, because we do things together with our salaries and we all knows her salary is heavier than mine, , so I swallowed the idea…………..
…….one day I discussed the issue of bringing a housemaid to the house in support to limit my wife’s stress…but she declined, how could she decline such suggestion?????? Afterall, she is lazy as a lazy doll,,,,,,,,everyday is tire! Tired!! Tired!!! she said she doesn’t need any housemaid because she don’t want any lagos girl to snatch her man from her, the more I tried to change her mind the more we raised conflict,,,,,, I even included inorder to change her mind that
“afterall, we goes to the same workplace at the sametime in the morning and we do come back home at the same time in the evening, though it may be in different car but we get home almost at the same time, so how possible I run an affairs with our maid???” With all these, she still not satisfied. ………………….but I couldn’t withstand all these excuses and those flabbergasted fixity shits…

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……..one afternoon before we left office, I was in my office lonely, sitting on the chair doing nothing……I started flashing back how I met seyi, how I fell in love with her, how I tried my possible best to made seyi mine, how she accepted to be my girlfriend, how I carried her on her back into my room in our first date not known to us is a taboo in their family, how we moved together in a compound, how we started our love lifes without sex for good a year not known to me that she was doing it for my favour, how fausa and her friend were hawking fish and pepper and came to our compound to sell fish for my colleagues, how she was harassed by deji, how seyi advised her to obtain a jamb and chose funaab, how I also advised her inorder to change her mind from chosen college of education and follow what seyi asked her to chose, how fausa provocated me and led to sex between us, how I felt from having sex with fausa and how I changed my mind from staying away from seyi who doesn’t allow me to sex her, also how I moved in with fausa in her new apartment that her runaway father who returned from abroad got for her and how she tricked me from making love with mr. lecturer and gensec..also how I joined hand with seye to blackmail gensec via his leaked porn and nude video and picture that we discovered from fausa’s phone, how we charged him and how he paid us, also how I started an affair with flora (mr. John’s girlfriend) how fausa was kidnapped and how I asked to come to witnessed how they harassed her sexually, how seye rescued us from the raping scene, how seye was kidnapped and how seyi helped him, also how we graduated and how I have a carried over, how we graduated and how I and seyi departed, how flora died in seye’s house in our hands and how we buried her, how I caught fausa covering the scene while we were burying flora, how I was threatened by mr john with a video on how we buried flora..how we complied with what mr.john requested for(to be having sex with fausa), how fausa got pregnant for mr.john, how we planned to kill mr. John and how I got sick due to unlimited sex I got from fausa, how fausa runaway when I was in need of a donor of kidney in the hospital, how she chose to marry mr.john ,,,,and how I lost fausa and seyi including my mummy. how we got connected back again. how I and seye decided to make both mr.john and fausa suffer for what they did to me and how I won them…….
…………I got tired of the thought and I switched to surf and browse on my tablet to keep myself busy……. I have missed my friend (seye) so much and I scrolled to his profile on facebook to see his latest updates and pictures……….you won’t believe what I saw………………

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