Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 24

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Me: hello ore (friend)

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Seye: brotherly, howfar now

Me: am not fine jare

Seye: wettin happen again?????? You don see seyi???????

Me: no jur

Seye: fausa don back to you?????????

Me: wetin you dey talk?

Seye: abi that your maid don pregnant for you

Me: if na that one shey be e go sweet

Seye: then wetin happen na???????

Me: na this afternoon oooo, I just sit down jeje for my sit and I never know when I slept off

Seye: wetin con happen,,,,,,ah beg talk shaperly cos I dey busy

Me: haaaaa no vex bro, I never know……

Seye: no problem just talk

Me: na one dream dey scare me like that jare……. Not even a dream, let say nightmare but na afternoon we dey, so we fit call am afternoonmare

Seye: lol.. which kyn dream be that??????
“”I explained everything I had in the dream for seye””

Me: what do you think that dream means…….

Seye: can’t say ooooo, but I will advise you to free all the girls you are keeping aside tolu for now and let see what gonna happen???

Me: what do you think can happen???

Seye: can’t predict but I believe the dream was a sign for you, the woman in a garment might be your mummy

Me: mummy ke, I offended mummy now

Seye: am very sure she had forgiven you, no woman that labour for her children will open her eyes and let go of her children inside grave…………

Me: hummmmnnnnn but does the dream means I should do away any lady I am keeping?????

Seye: don’t ask me again, you too think wisely, we gonna chat later bye…………..he hung up and I was so paralyzed knowing nothing to do……………..was everything seye says must I follow??????? Is it true I might be harmed through my tayo and laide (my colleage) that I sampled at work?????or was it bissme the sex killer??????????? Or is it gonna be from amoke?????????? What is happening to me oh lord????what should I do????? I followed what seye said and I kept myself from every girl that month, even though I kept far from my colleagues and also from bissme, though bissme keep coming my house and no matter how deep seduction she provocated me, I cautioned myself and I gave excuse that I was assigned with fast and prayer, so I was instructed to be far from sex.
After 1 and half month…….I was in the office again and I had something similar to the dream I had before again in that afternoon, this brought me to a serious scary and I didn’t know what to do

I quickly close for the day and hastily went home to relax, I felt much tired when I woke up from the dream, it seems to me like I worked so hard for the day………..on getting at my house entrance, I could see it tampered, I entered the compound and I met my door opened,,,,,,,who might be inside the house??????

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