Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 5

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Seye: na you talk am, don’t you know it can form pregnancy? And if it happened thus, you are in good hand…

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Me: good hand as in???????

Me: lol we just have only approximately 20minutes sex………….and I don’t think it can form any pregnancy

Seye: chaaaiiii, atlast you sample this girl’s toto

Me: oh boy I won’t deceive you, how I wish she could marry me, her holyhome was like a paradise, I swear I wish God should couple us together for life….

Seye: seyi can never marry you again

Me: me sef knooooooooooow, because she love her husband like crazy

Seye: heyah just forget about her. Thank God she had given you what to be eating to the end of your life…….

Me: abi now….I thank God oooooo

Seye: If you have the chance to come to the world again, you should brake a girl’s heart again,,,,you hear????

Me: na you sabi, but wetin happen now??why you no usually dey online??

Seye: am sorry jare, na business thing o, if ah no manage the business wella everything may collapse in just a twinkle of an eye

Me: it won’t

Seye: amin ooooooooooooo

Me: but your lines are also not always reachable,

Seye: haaaaa am sorry for that, I don change my sims ni jare

Me: and you can’t even use it to call me

Seye: no vex jare, na thief them thief am, so I don’t have any contact again

Me: oga ooooo, so na every five five years we go dey chat or talk to you now

Seye: noooooo don’t worry, am back fully online on calls and browsing now

Me: what about your business?????

Seye: am now rich, my business is now spreading over

Me: thank God

Seye: but why are you still childless????

Me: I don’t know ooooo, and we have made several tests and have had several treatments

Seye: keep praying, God will answer in a little time.

Me: ok oooooooooooo, hunnmmmmm

Seye: why hunmmmmmm, wetin happen

Me: my wife no get time for the house chores again due to her work

Seye: are you not working in the same place???????

Me: yes we are

Seye: then why always tired than you do

Me: I don’t know ooooo, and I raised the suggestion of a maid but she declined

Seye: why????? You should have it now

Me: na wetin I talk be that ooooo, but she said I will be having an affair with the maid

Seye: with the maid????? She don know you be that……..ekun oko omoge

Me: no lemme fight you ooooo….I play runs pass you???

Seye: you sef know am,

Me:Ah beg na solution to convince her I want jur

Seye: very simple……….

Me: what do you mean?

Seye: nothing but there is a way you can use to convince her

Me: which way ah beg tell me……that’s my nigga, that’s why I miss you

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