Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 8

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……………..one Saturday afternoon, I was in the sitting room watching channels. tolu was in her room doing some office assignment on her laptop, she had been busy on this laptop since we woke that morning………amoke came to pick something at the stool beside the sofas that I didn’t see, though I wasn’t focus to look on what she came to pick but busy assessing the shape of her bossoms when facing me and also the shape of her booty when backing me, especially when she bent down to pick what she came for, it was like I never see the type of body like that before, her laps was damn light and too sexy under the mini skirt they were, the skirt were too mini to the extent that if she bend further than that I will sure tell the color of her pant and if she doesn’t wear pant I could vividly tell the status of her vagina whether wet or dry or I could obviously tell the size or the whereabout of her clitoris ……though it wasn’t the girl’s fault if she doesn’t know how to cope along with those dressing because she wasn’t use to them before, it was tolu that tush her negatively……..
……………she took her leave immediately she took whatever she came for, I escorted her straight to the entrance of the step case with my eyes, staring at her swaying booty and calculating the percentage of her booty moves………..she was swaying them like say she was separating cassava flakes from its dust………….I was like chaiiiiiii see this sluggard girl that is now even better than my so called wife…..though this is what I want already and that’s why I chose to be hashed to her so that tolu will change her lifesyle for me to see the true nature of her assets……………..I called her back to find me a movie that I knew was not part of the cds tracks inside the shelve down below the tv……she swayed back the booty and the booty talks was sounding so hilarious in musical format to my hearing………….I felt like to grab the two booty from behind but I maintained not to because tolu is at home……she bent down again in searching for the film and she doesn’t see it…..while she was still searching and opening the shelves, the second handle of the shelve got stiffed and she couldn’t open it…..I stood up and went behind her to show and teach her how to open it with no stress, I grabbed…………..

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