Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 14

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The time was 12:41am, I never sleep and I was going to work the following day, I must try and erase everything from my mind and try to catch sleep earlier so I can wake up early because of work……sleep never come only what flows on my brain was about bissme, fausa, seye and the pregnancy…….I never catch sleep until I sedated myself, even before the drug works, I was still thinking so carried away in thought……..sleep flew on me and I slept around past 1:00am, i woke up around 5.00am, it was the dream about I, fausa and bissme for that little period I slept. that woke me up…you wana hear about the dream???the dream was about fausa and bissme who was chasing me with cutlass, I saw bissme in a white garment, and everything on her was white in toto, I could see fausa also running along side with her daughter in a complete black dressing, both of them were running simultaneously, chasing to stab me, I took a U-turn to a very dark corner and I escaped both of them, but to my surprise, where I sat relaxing, and was so racy atleast I have escaped both of them which I think I will never meet them again, by the time I look up, I saw bissme alone at my front raising the cutlass and almost stab me, I screamed “please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And I later met myself on my bed gasping so heavily as if it happened for real…it was so scary, but you won’t believe when I took another sleep at that middle of the night, I also had a similar dream which goes thus:….(Seye escorted me to a house full of gold, he was the one that discovered it, but to my surprise, seye didn’t followed me inside, even he backed off as soon he was sure I have entered, and on getting inside, which I began to pack the gold, I saw bissme with cutlass again and she was chasing me with the cutlass out of a big house that was full of gold, I was intended to pack the gold I met in the house in the first place before bissme appear to me, so she was chasing and when I couldn’t run again, I fell on the ground, when she almost stab me, I shouted please, what did I do? I am not the one that kill you, please save my life, she then spoke up….”You aren’t the one that killed me or what did I just heard?????, you are the one that led me to where I met my decease, if atall you take good care of me, I wouldn’t became the victim, why on earth could you do that????why on earthhhhhhhhh” raising her hand to stab me)….
…..finally, I hurriedly woke up ..the time was 5:15am…I woke up, sat on my bed, continuing where I stopped on my thought mixing together the dream I had, “is it true that bissme is my real daughter??????????? Am I really the father to bissme???????? Can someone please tell me this isn’t true?????????? What on earth have I done to my own daughter???????? What on earth has it happened to my only daughter, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, bissme is truly my daughter, but the one I claimed before to be my daughter, (the foetus she was carrying) wasn’t even my daughter…it seems I am just fooling myself………..how is she my daughter???????? I have a year sex-brake, and she has a month pregnancy………..that’s definitely not mine, bissme is my daughter”…………………..I then remember there was a diary, that bissme wrote the address of their house on that very day her mummy sent her the address, she told me on that day that she had left home for long, so she doesn’t know whereabout of her mummy and her sister, I quickly got on my feet and went to check for the diary in the walldrope, it wasn’t there, I searched everywhere searchable and didn’t found it………. I took my bath, wash my teeth and I prepared egg for the slice bread I bought the previous day……I went to office and I received a letter from our branch in lagos that my presence is needed quickly in lagos as fact that the manager of abuja branch is been fixed back, I wasn’t happy atall because there was no more family in lagos again, that day was thursday and I was given three days, to resume back to lagos branch on monday……throughout the day I wasn’t in good mood, I was doing everything at work sluggishly, one of my colleague that we usually had soft sex together in the office came to me, she told me she notice I wasn’t fine and she needed to know what was wrong……..I told her nothing was wrong, she insisted to know and if truly there is nothing, I must smile, I produced a faint smiles and she noticed it was fake, she turn over to where I sat on my personal chair, and she sat on the table facing me, with that mini skirt wide opened to my sight, her laps was seriously winking to me, I could vividly tells the number of color the pant got, though she wasn’t making a sex move at instance, she was trying to peck and cheer me up, but by the time her boobs got to my forehead, haaaaaaaaaaa

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