Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 16

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The written goes thus: “the day of 11th august 1998, policemen came to arrest my dad and he was sentenced to life imprisonment because he was among those who engaged in fraudulent acts around that year……………..during the time my dad and my mum were together, my dad treated us so harshly and we thought it was hatred not of known to us that it was for our own sake, my mummy do pampers us and allow us to do everything we wish, after the incident that happen to my dad, there was no money to cater for us again and no help from no one, because I personally didn’t know any of our relatives, my mum decided to sell fishes and hawk fish to fed us, I must live fine and beautiful because all my friend are sexy and fashionable…………….we do envy ourselves on anything we put on, so I decided to joined the olosho crew, I maintain this act for my life surviving and I lost home……………now I got reconnected back to my mum after 4years I have left home,,,,,I am so happy and eager to see my mum again…I can’t wait…..and now that I have the address, My diary, I need to go home but with HIV virus in me” God why??????????

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……..Chaiiii….so mr john is a criminal?????? Olorun oooooooooooo…..I see, he was rich in his life….but what killed him???afterall sentenced to life imprisonment is not sentence to death…..well!!….that’s what good for fausa……so bissme had already know she was HIV career and couldn’t tell me haaaaaaaa see life oga ooooo………I went back to the office to pack my belongings the following day and I was driving back home to pack my everything, both the office properties and house properties inside the car , during my driving back home, I was fully deep in thought, thinking of how everything happened, right from seyi-fausa-tolu-bissme and also remembering those I have inserted my drum stick into their drum before.. started from Fausa-seyi-tolu-amoke-bunmi-tope-suzzie-bissme…chai alabi see how you ruin your life yourself…….when I got home, I quickly picked up the address, packed my load and off to lagos to one of my house at maryland, after 2days of settlement, I picked up the address that afternoon and headed to fausa’s house…………..the environment was damn disgusting and irritating but nothing I could do……I asked for the number of the house and I was directed to the exact house I was looking for……..I went to the door ..I knocked the door, I was ordered to get in, and she came in to the parlour to meet the visitor who happened to be me, I wasn’t confortable and I didn’t know whether to get in or not, I made up my mind and I entered the room, the voice that ordered me inside wasn’t from the parlour, it was from the bedroom, the house was face-me-face-you……..so they have one parlour and one bedroom…………their toilet was located at one side beside the house almost facing the main road.and it was made with pan………………though the furniture and decoration inside was glamour but the odour was damn pissing……….I entered, kept standing and didn’t sit, atlast she emerged from the bedroom and I got an heart attack

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