Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 22

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Is this amoke or not????????????? It can’t be, yes she can not be
…..I walked toward the boy and I have his handshake
Me: hello baby boy(shaking his hand, but her mother backing us still busy on what she was picking up)

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Boy: hello sir

Me: how are you and your daddy…….my question brought her mother’s attention to us and she was surprised to see me again……….

Amoke: hhaaaaaa who is this????? Alabi??????

Me: amokeeeee are you the one

Amoke: yes now, where have you been? You really made me suffered.(She hugs me)

Me: (there was even no more respect) I am very sorry let leave this place for a proper discussion….

Amoke: ok

….We left the supermarket and we got inside her car…….

Me: is this your car????

Amoke: yes now, one of my cars

Me: are you kidding me??????(See God’s work, ordinary an housemaid having many cars,) that means you were the one I saw at mr bigg 2 and half years ago……….

Amoke: at where?

Me: at surulere

Amoke: oooooh I might be the one because I use to patronize that place often

Me: heyah regular customer

Amoke: na you know… but why couldn’t you call me on that day

Me: I ran after you but I was unfortunate to meet you before you left…….

Amoke: which side are you going? And beside didn’t you come with a car

Me: I came with one now, I packed it at one corner over there…….how can we meet again….where are you living??????

Amoke: @she handed me a card, which contains her office addresses and phone numbers@ “how many offices does this girl has????egbami oooo ordinary housemaid, this must be money ritual”

Amoke:……call me and let talk how to meet again, it is dark already

Me: alright dear………I alighted from her car, I went to my own car and left the place………

The following day I gave her a call and I asked for how we can meet, she gave me her house description, I went there that particular day, the security doesn’t allowed me to came in at the first place, but later opened the gate for me to enter after instruction from her boss who had already seen my coming through cctv, I entered the very beautiful house and her housemaid ordered me in and she entertained me, her boy ran to embrace me and we were playing as if we have known each other for a while……..after entertaining with a lot of thing amoke sat beside me and we began chanting,……….

Me: amoke mi, but why did you leave me unnoticing?

Amoke: I’m sorry, not my fault

Me: but whose fault????

Amoke: didn’t your wife told you how it goes?

Me: how does it go??????

Amoke: your wife sent me out of the house????????

Me: she said because you were pregnant and she asked for who is responsible and you refused to tell her

Amoke: haaaaaaaaa I know she won’t tell the truth……..though I was pregnant, but she doesn’t know even till this present……

Me: are you kidding me?

Amoke: she doesn’t know I was pregnant

Me: then why did she send you out?????

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