Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 24

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Me: you mean????, wait! wait!!…..you mean my pregnancy???????

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Amoke: yes now……..that baby boy is yours

Me: you mean Ayo is my son?????

Amoke: yes ofcorse, so after I left the house going to where I didn’t know, I was deep in thought at that time, I didn’t know that a car was horning at my back….the man packed beside me and waited me for some questioning…I told him I didn’t have anywhere to go and I was sent out from where I was working,, he was so sorry and he took me to his house, he was so rich but has no wife and children, he said his family was a victim of an accident (plane crash) that happened not quite long and they were all gave to wraith……………….he accepted me to be living with him and he proposed to me later on, we got married and not upto a year later after I gave birth to this boy, he died and he ‘WILL’ everything about his wealth for me and Ayomide……since then I have been controlling billions of dollars……and the most funniest things is that……I am presently a boss to that man tolu made her husband at one of my company in maryland, though the man never find out yet who the chairman or chairlady of the organization might be…………..and I won’t appear to him until he mess up

Me: chai you are so lucky ooooooooo…are you serious you are boss to the man???????? Chai. that is life for you, you are now a boss to your boss………….

Amoke: abi now

Me: hummmm…..but like seriously, I have missed you so very much, it was the work over there in abuja that make my schedule so tight, I wasn’t feeling comfortably over there when I couldn’t see you, I came twice purposely because of you to lagos, I didn’t see you, it happened one day, I met a man tolu introduced to me as her brother, though when I notice you weren’t in the house I wasn’t even welcomed because I wasn’t happy, but I later left immediately when I met some amazing things inside the bedroom,

Amoke: what did you see, I think that’s the man I was talking about……

Me: I thought as much, I saw many things like used tissues, female and male pants smelling seriously,,,,,, later when I came back she was pregnant and she wanted to claimed me as the owner, I rejected it and she didn’t deny it, instead she fought me and we departed…….

Amoke: seriously, you have departed?????

Me: yes now(by this time Ayomide has left us alone in the sitting, went to play outside) but amoke don’t you missed me atall?

Amoke: I think about you almost everyday, and I pray God should please let the father of my son come back one day…….

Me: thank God I am now the one at your front now, so do whatever you wish to me

Amoke: lol (she smile) what will I use your body for?

Me: many things, (I raise my hands up)

Amoke: what for?

Me: if you can do as I just do now at your front, I have many things to do with your own body

Amoke: like what

Me: you just say what I said and do what I did

Amoke: @she repeated what I say@ and raised her hands pointing the roof of the house

I moved closer to her, I brought my lips to her ears, I sounded so softly seductively and I was licking her ears softly, making a moves of my hand to her left cleavage,,,,, working and manipulating all those organs simultaneously, she didn’t resist, I brought my mouth to her lips and I was kissing them frenchly, the kissing rose to an higher state and we were smooching those foldable areas on our bodies roughly……….I played along with her navel and make a way to her clit as we are kissing while she was just moaning, she was rubbing my dick so harder,,, I digged my middle finger inside her clit and she let her out a shock romantic voice,,,,,,, as I was digging her holy hole with my little fingers, she was damn busy rubbing my dick mercilessly as if she wanted to remove it out of me, I brought the juice flask out of their shelve at her chest. I began to suck the naked boobs like an hungry neonate…………she was just moaning……….I expected her to resist the offer at onset but instead she grabbed it and make use of it more than I expected…………..she alters statements so amazing……

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