Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 5

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Me: doctor please let leave that aside and tell me the reason you took my blood for test, also let know my fate, because I won’t lie to you, I have been dying small small since you keep me waited

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Doctor: am sorry about that, but is that the reason of your high temper?

Me: doctor, you can’t understand

Doctor: understand what?????? Are there something you hiding to me?????

Me: nothing doctor, just bothering me what the test might be? And also wondering how a sudden and voluntary test that I didn’t requested for……….

Doctor: lol, so all that turn you to be frighten like a female

Me: doctor, please I use God beg you, let talk about the main purpose, let me know my fate….

Doctor: fate???????did I just heard you say the word “fate” again? Why? Were you aware already that you are HIV positive??????????

Me: haaaaaaaaaaaaaa….are you telling me I am??????@gbese re oooooooo, what else?? It is surely deduced that I am positive, once this doctor has been talking in parables, so what next????? Can someone tell me???@

Doctor: calm down mr alabi, answer my question and I will show you your result………..(In a very serious look)

…before I could answer her, she got a call and I left her on the call and switch to a self thinking……..

Me: @chai mogbe ooooo, HIV atlast, who could this be from????????? Was it from fausa???????? It can never be from fausa jur, when last did we sex, haaaaa it may be from her ooooooo, fausa that 3 of the cultist slept with, fausa that mr john slept with, fausa that gen sec slept with, fausa that mr lecturer slept with…….but if it from her, the virus might have spread over to those I have dealt with……….but tolu did the HIV test last 8months when she went for pregnancy test and she was HIV negative, so it can’t be from fausa and tolu, was it from amoke?????????? Haaaaa mogbe ooooooooo village girl don ruin my life ooooooooooooooooooo………what can I do as the doctor asked me earlier, should I commit a suicide????that will be the best thing?????? Alabi do you think dying is so easy like you took it??????? Haaaaaa temi bami, there is no doubting, this result is HIV Positive due to how this doctor react…………..or shouldn’t I die but just transmit it to the girl that led me into this wahala, which is fausa, because if atall fausa didn’t broke my heart, we would have married and would have been procreating as much as we desire, and thank God our path has crossed again………hmmmmmmnnnn nkan de, or I should stay alive and spread it over to the world to enjoy as well??????? Or was it from bunmi, and tope(my colleague at work???????? They don’t look such and besides we use to do the test almost every 3months in the company and most especially taken so serious at their own department, Or was it from suzzie I contracted it from??????? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa alabi you are right oooooooo, it is obviously from suzzie because the looks and appearance as well as the simple being the girl produces to me when I introduces the sex movie to her at onset of our meeting speaks much about her as a deadly HIV career that was willing to spread it over the world for as many scape goat that falls into the trap….or was it this girl bissme that I brought to this hospital, hummmmnnn it is definitely this girl bissme, because her sickness led the doctor to HIV checker or tester, whatever! And besides if I could think wisely like a great brainy, there was a time she came back home during the period she suppose to be in school or in her hostel, crying that she was coming from hospital, it seems all she said on that day was lie because she firstly wanted to say the real fact before she changed it, I could see that in her reaction, and one more thing is that, for some periods back, this girl gave herself distance from me not knowing that I too was even trying to avoid any women at that time, soooo, to think this all well, it seems something is fishy and something is lost…………….@ I woke back alive with an heavy tone of the doctor

Doctor: mr alaaaabiiii, you better don’t kill yourself, what is it you are thinking about? This life is so short and sweet, don’t kill yourself with a very little thing

Me: am sorry maam, but did you just said “something little?”

Doctor: yes now, even the result are yet to get into your hand, you are already killing yourself, please take things easy ooo. you are a man,

Me: thanks doctor, but please tell me I am not positive (crying) please tell me, because if I happen to be, I will die before the next coming day…….

Doctor: haaaaaaaaaaa mr man, that shouldn’t be the end of life for you now, there are some HIV careers out there that have spent more than 25years added to their age since they got infected………..and beside they were living happily the normal life the uninfected people are living…..so erase the bad thought from your memory sir, and beside your result is not announce yet….

Me: hummmmmnnnnn lobatan,,,,,@ this is how those doctors do says to condole people whenever such happens……..temi bami(crying)@

Doctor: haaaaaaaaaa mr alabi, you don’t have any hard heart atall. you are seriously a female……she dropped two envelops infront of me……..

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