Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 8

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I walked toward the door, slammed the door behind and left the doctor’s office for the ward where bissmes was situated,………..on my way going, I was deliberating on what to do….
“should I show her the both result now or didn’t show her any before I carry out my plans???”
“and the plans is to let her deliver the baby peacefully, claim to have the baby, later divorce her and send her away,
“or should I just show her the only pregnancy test and keep the other one????????”
“if I shouldn’t show her any, with time she will get to know herself that she is pregnant, and during pregnancy test they are going to discovered HIV stuff, so I think it will be better I explode everything now,”
“but come to think about it ooo, a person in that kind of situation, if she heard something like that at the moment, she may gasp up to death, so I think this is not appropriate time to disclose it, What can I do ooooooo???? If I show her the HIV test alone she may die alongside with my foetus…..and there won’t be any gain for me………….or what should I do????????and if its only pregnancy test, she will want to engage in antenatal, and during that, she will discovered and may commit suicide secretly……….alabi lobatan……..”
“ Let me bury the matter and keep it within myself for sometimes, so later after delivery, I can then tell her and send her away….that will be the best idea….I concluded within myself to do so”
……………………………………I was there at the door for some minutes when a nurse came to check me up,,,,,

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Nurse: hello sir,

Me: noooo

Nurse: what is noooo sir?????

Me: hann hooo, nothing, don’t worry

Nurse: you have been standing behind the door for over minutes now

Me: don’t mind me, I’m fine

Nurse: ok sir oooooo, but please take things easy oooooo because I have been watching and questioning you for almost 1minute before you can answer me, you are too deep in your thought

Me: don’t mind me dear, all is fine……

Nurse: ok ooooo

…….. She left and I walked near the ward door handle as if I’m ready to pull the trigger of the door handle, the handle is not those you turn in anticlock wise in direction, I pull the trigger atlast and turned the handle of the door to its downward direction, the door was finally opened, my eyes went straight to bissme on the bed where she was laying down,,,,, she was sleeping and was gone farther in her sleep……I walked inside not noticing who sat at the last edge of the bed was someone I knew……..I sway my eyes to the left side of her and I saw a woman seated beside her, the woman wore the same dress fausa wore at the sighted view of mine at the reception, yes…..it must be fausa…….I fully entered the room and I walked toward the bed,

Fausa: haaaaa alabi how do you know my whereabout?????? How do you know the ward my daughter was placed, and beside I thought you said you are going to give me a call which I have been expecting since, how did you get to know where we are??????

Me:@ did I just hear ‘my daughter??????’ Is bisodun truly fausa’s daughter???????????please what is happening to me?????? If I am truly dreaming please wake me up before I die in dreamland and never wake back alive again,@ Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa did you just say your daughter????????

Fausa: yes now, that was the pregnancy I carried away when I left you then………………

Me: so that was mr john’s daughter?????????????

Fausa: eeenhm, hummmnnn yeeeesssss(she wasn’t even certain with the answer, she stammered along)

Me: please I can’t wait any longer, just have these envelops, these two envelopes are for bisodun, I must take my leave now,

Fausa: but how did you both met?????????? Did you know each others before, please wait!!!, what are these envelopes for???????????? I think they said the man that brought her to the hospital had paid all the bills….so what is this???????@
….I let a dumb ear, I walked out of the ward and finally out of the hospital……..

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