Fausa Eleja season 7 episode 11

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///EPISODE 11///
Me: what did you mean by that?????

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What is reverse mode??????
Seye: no matter what they discuss about their plans on embezzling the company’s money, they may change it later at the court of law into another thing for the benefit of the company,

Me: so what can I do?

Seye: I think you should make use of the gateman, after you have gotten the fact through the communication and cctv
Me: then how do I go about it?
Seye: we all knows that, what you are planting is secrecy to them but make the gateman to make an alliance with them by telling them that he knows every of their plans, and he must have his own shares from the money once he had already aware of their plans, you can then continue to watch their moves on the matter with the gateman, whether they are going to approve it or terminate it, but I’m very sure they will be looking for a way to get rid of him, and that will be a solid evidence for you against them…………

Me: hummmmnnnn oga nla, I hail oooooo…alright I will do everything……………… That reminds me, I am meeting that girl again for the second time
Seye: which girl??????
Me: the girl I told you the other time that we use to have a sex dirty chat together then…

Seye: is it not the one you called suzzie?

Me: yes….

Seye: have you guys met on flesh before?????

Me: yes now, didn’t I tell you???

Seye: you never tell me anything
Me: haaaaa am sorry, she came for a business stuff in abuja and she spend all her days with me

Seye: chai ekun…….I trust you, I know say na like vesper bike

you go use am that period

Me: what is the meaning of that one ooooooooooo?
Seye: don’t you know that, the lady you love and suffered to marry is whom you will ride like a bajaj bicycle or baby bike while the one you have a privacy luck with but didn’t request for your service, you ride like a jincheng bicycle but the one that was requesting for your service is whom you ride like a vesper bicycle, (tu pa tu pa anyhow, everywhere, anywhere,)

Me: lol, you no serious…..how do you know????? We started in

the office, come see how I banged her like a crazy man on my table, infact the table almost got broke……

Seye: thief, iyawo oniyawo, abi she is still single ni????

Me: nooooooo, she is married oooooooo, infact with two children even her husband was calling her during our sex time in the house when we got home, even still picking the call. answering her husband during our sex time on bed in a very tired and shaken voice

Seye: but how didn’t her husband detect the fact?
Me: because she cooked a very hilarious lied that she couldn‟t be tracked

Seye: haaaaaaaaaaa obinrin

Me: na dem be that o

Seye: haaaa but why are nowadays women like that?????

Me: na them know jare….bro, you must see me this weekend

before you back ooooooooo
Seye: don’t worry…..I will try to

Me: alright take care of yourself…………chat you later bye

I ended up with seye. I signed some documents I suppose to, I left for the day around 1:30pm which was unusual…………..I got

home, I met my wife sleeping and I joined her on bed, we slept cuddling and she woke me up around 4:20pm

Amoke: darling, why did you come back so early today?????

Me: nothing I just feel like

Amoke: have you executed your intention?

Me: ooohhhh, I have gotten a change of plan

Amoke: what does that means??????

Me: I am going to do it in such a way of catching them redhanded
Amoke: how?

Me: I am going to plant a secret CCTV and do a tracking to all

communications in the company…….
Amoke: woow, that’s great, I hope it works….

Me: it will surely work………………and even for other workers

that was planning another things else

Amoke: good idea dear

Amoke: so when are you starting????

Me: very soon dear………….

Amoke: there is something I want to discuss with you dear

Me: what was that??????
Amoke: it was a dream I had from the little sleep I made before you back from the office and it was so scary….infact…..

Me: infact what????? “Josephine the dreamer” ah beg stop be childish jare, its just a dream, ordinary dream I mean, ok???????? Please get me my food……

Had I know, I would have listen to the dream………….

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