Fausa Eleja season 7 episode 16

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///EPISODE 16///

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Doctor: what’s that.??????

Me: please I’m putting a call to my wife soon, but when she comes, I want you to comply with the lie I wanted to cook for her…..please do the favour for me
Doctor: what is the lie about????
Me: you will just tell her that the OPC saw me where I was lied unconscious………inside my car and they rushed me to your

hospital. That‟s all. Don‟t tell her they were the one that beat me…..if any questions came up after that, just tell her that’s

all you knew about it…..I will clear everything myself

Doctor: but youngman, what really happened????????????

Me: don’t worry doctor
Doctor: but you should tell me what happened before I can do your wish

Me: something happened where I went to when I left my office,

Doctor: what happened?

Me: one of my friend that came back from abroad called for me and we went together to a bar, I was seriously drunk and didn’t know the time wasn’t at my side, I hurriedly picked up my car by the late hour I discovered the time was late, I was shot down by the OPC while I was speedy…………..

Doctor: haaaaaaaaa but why shouldn’t I tell her everything you told me about????????????and besides there wasn’t traces of any alcohol in you

Me: hmmmmnnnn, you can imagine what is her reaction going to be??????? She never knew I am alcohol taker…………so I

don’t want to expose that to her because she won’t believe that

Doctor: ok, don’t worry……..
The doctor left the room, I picked up my phone and put a call to amoke

Me: hello dear,

Amoke: baby, what happened? Where are you?
Me: I’m in the hospital
Amoke: hospital?????????? Are you serious? What

happen????which hospital???? Please tell me……

Me: super glory hospital………

Amoke: the one at the junction not far to our estate

Me: yes you right……

Amoke: haaaaaaaaa. Ok. I will be there immediately

She hung up, and I dialed suzzie’s number…………

Me: hello
Suzzie: baby, why now?, since yesterday????? I have been expecting your call since yesterday

Me: I almost died that yesterday

Suzzie: what happen???

Me: I was chasing by the vigilantes that secured the area and I was beaten up mercilessly infact I was about to be shot before I received mercy from one of them I have helped before

Suzzie: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, why are they chasing you??????? Are you a thief

Me: how do you expect them to know I’m innocent???? Is it a good ideal for a well born man walking on the street around by that time I left????????????
Suzzie: haaaaaa I’m sorry about that……………
Give me the

description to the hospital
Me: don’t worry it is the one not far to my area
………..and my

wife is on her way to the hospital
Suzzie: let me come now, it doesn’t mean anything, I will act as a friend…

Me: no, don’t worry

Suzzie: when are they going to discharge you???
Me: today by God grace…
Suzzie: when are we gonna see again, remember, I will be

leaving on saturday……
Me: I will come to your side tomorrow, just take care of yourself

Suzzie: hummmmnn ok ooooooo, dulling things throughout the day

Me: sorry dear……….I will give call back to you later

We hung up, after 15minuntes, amoke came in……she dropped

the polythene bag in her hand and rush to where I lied on bed…….

Amoke: baby, what happened????? Why all the bruise on your face????
Me: baby,








Amoke: let me quickly go and see the doctor, (about to move)

Me: don’t worry yourself…….a man has paid my bill, so you

need not to worry yourself……..

Amoke: ok but who was that man?????………
Me: (thank God she accept), a man I have once helped, how is my boy doing?

Amoke: he is doing fine, baby, I need to go and see the doctor

(she rose from her sit, moving out of the room)………

Me: baby, what for????????

Amoke: I need to know what the situation is??????????

Me: what situation are you talking about again??????

Amoke: I mean the status of your health and what we need to


Me: we need nothing, don’t worry…..the doctor has prepared

the drugs I will be taking with me…….

Amoke: hunmmmmmmm…..ok oooooooooo…………so how are

you feeling now?????she walked back to where she sat before and retook her sit.

Me: feeling better………

We were on our discussion while the doctor came in…………

Me: gan gan hun (heart beat rises)
Amoke: doctor, thanks for your hospitality….
thanks for saving

my husband
Doctor: madam, let give all thanks to God…..
your husband is

now getting fine………..
Amoke: please how did it happened???? What happened to my husband????? I heard from the nurse at the reception that my husband was attacked by the OPC and almost died…….
Me:@ gbangaun@ secret exposed……..

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