Fausa Eleja season 7 episode 17

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///EPISODE 17///
Doctor: ehm, let just give thanks to God, he is now fine and healthy

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Amoke: baby, what happened, how did you get involved with OPC???????? How does it happened????

Me: baby, I told you I will tell you everything when we get home……….it was the OPC that rescued me from death and

escorted me to this hospital……..

Amoke: God will be with them ooooooooo, may them receive

mercy from God everyday ooooo…….
Me (lol, people wey you suppose dey rain curse heavily on except baba agbefo) amin ooooooooooooo

The doctor, fixed the drip and left the scene…………..amoke

brought out the bread and tea she brought for me and I started eating, I instructed amoke not to inform either temi or femi about this, she complied with me and I ate out of the bread………………I picked up my phone. I forward a chat to

suzzie inorder to cure her boredom, during the chat, “I started reminiscing on my sex escapade with suzzie yesterday…..how

the funs led me in to trouble and how I almost got my demise………..I decided in my heart not to have any affair with

her again even I have already planned to send her back to her state….because I do encounter a very solemn agony”…….we

continue the chat and she raised up the discussion on how the funs goes yesterday………..she even snap some private areas

in her body to me and I got alert on my body immunes instantly……….on the sick bed where I lied, my dick began

standing erect again, and I was getting hard on beside amoke where I lied my body on…. to be frankly, this girl’s body is

damn, mwah……….nobody will see the frosh body and going to overlook it…….. We ended up the chat. We left the hospital at

evening that I was discharged……….
On getting back home on that day, amoke never allow me to relax a bit…..its questions about the accident she used

scattered the air………
Amoke: baby, who do this to you???? Do you have quarrel with anybody??????

Me: not atall dear…….its just accidentally….

Amoke: accidentally????????

Me: sorry, incidentally…..

Amoke: how is it incidentally????? Please tell me what happened, I can’t just be sitting somewhere seeing my husband in a brutal danger like the one happened to you now

Me: baby (trying to produce a fake weakens of joint in my body) le le let ooohhhhhuuu, let postpone the discussion please, I need to relax, I will download everything for you after I wake……

Amoke: if you insist, sleep tight, sorry dear…let me go and prepare amala for you, is amala ok????? Amala or iyan, or semovita??????
Me: any one is ok by me
Amoke: haaaaaaa e no go better for this people that do you this way……..no be my alabi be this?????????? Selecting and ordering for food as if he dey bend down select market, na him

com dey snap food for photo, eating any available food……..haaaaaaaaaaaa oga oooo

Me: amoke, go and prepare any food please….
Amoke: ok, but wait dear…don’t you think it might be a set-up from those thieves at the office????? May be they have

already found out your plans and that’s why they arranged the attacks?????

Me: hey amoke, I’m not getting myself right now, please let me relax and suspend whatever discussion, I will download everything for you later………
She rose up, and left the room…….I pretended as if I was

sleeping but cracking my brain on the type of lies I can prepared down our discussion show, because amoke will never give up until she heard everything that happens………….

“God what can I say to this woman that happened????????????…if I frame a weak lies she might engage on not to do anything as planned again, so what can I say???????? I have no one I can discuss with, I picked up my phone to dial suzzie’s number inorder to know her wellbeing, I dialed her number for four times but not reachable,

“What is happening to this girl???? Why is it her number not going through, the hotel is a big hotel that supply electricity 24/7 so how on earth her phone be off while light always on…???????” And I need to inform her not to put a call to me at that moment or even atall throughout the day,,,,,,I began to think of a way to conquer the situation on ground with amoke………………one part of me brought an idea but the other

part rejected it and vice versa until I have spent 1and half hours in bed…………….amoke came into the bedroom to check on me, I quickly pretended as if I have gone too far on my

sleep, and I was producing a very big snores……………..

came in, saw me very deep in my sleep………..
and she

said…”Why this man sleeping like this, since 5:00pm…..
he knows that sleeping in a type of hour like this is not good??????, should I wake him????? No! Let me give him another 30minutes” she left……

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