Fausa eleja season 7 episode 30

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Femi: not atall sir, the face look familiar to whom I discussed with you that killed my father……..infact seriously look alike

with the picture the police got from mr. John before he died……………….

Me: what!!! My friend, an assassin???? I doubted it, he was not a type, he is a businessman that came to lagos to do business

with some organizations……so they may just look

alike………….by the way, who is this man beside you????

Femi: that’s Sargent olatunde, a policeman who was sent by their DPO to escort your guest for questioning in their station

Me: haaaaaaa, why did you go too far without my consent?????? You should have called me beside the first time you came into the house and tell me what’s going on, before you went to station, but I can swear with my life that my friend is not the type…..but with cleared evidence if atal you showed me, we could know what to do.

Femi: I wasn’t with the picture then, and I didn’t want to cause any embarrassment, that’s why I rushed to the station to get the picture………..


Me: ok let me see the picture………….

Femi put his hand inside the pocket and didn’t brought out anything, he forwarded a question to the CID


Femi: is the picture with you??????


Sargent: no, you collected it from oga before we left

Femi: oooooohhhhh I must have left it on his table…………..

Me: see you now, you are not even sure my guest was the

culprit you were looking for………..

Femi and Sargent olatunde left on that day and I summon femi to be back that very day…….femi came back and I tried to

convince him that it wasn’t seye they are looking for because seye had been a trustable friend since my 100level at Funnab…..femi agreed but still wondering on too much alike

both appears………………temi also came to the house and was weeping when she heard that ayomide was died…….I console her and told her to get rid of anything concerning ayomide for

now and instead be consoling amoke…………………

The following day was monday I prepared to leave for my office, temi got back to her school because she has exam that morning,,,, amoke was doing everything sluggishly due to what happened to her that weekend but I tried to took it off her mind, I went to office and around 9:00am on the dot, I received a call from my secretary that one man call Mr. Busari was here seeking for my audience, I ordered him in. He entered and he

introduced himself as one of the contractor that applied for the project………I discussed how I want the operation to be

carried out….I told him I want it to be done every weekend till

they finish the installation, I asked how many weeks its going to takes them and he said may be 2weeks……………I asked about the money and he said 10.5million naira………..I reduce

it to 9millionaire but we later arrived on 10million naira…..I

told him I want it to be done secretly…he was the one that is going to do the secret CCTV…..I gave him the check of

8million naira and I promised to pay the rest after they finished…I called the attention of garuba (gateman) to it that mr. Busari and his team will be coming here for some installation every weekend and if anybody ask him who they are, he should tell them they are repairing some mechanism, I introduce mr. Busari to him as the leader of the team and they

both welcome each other……………..mr. Busari left and he promise to start the work this weekend……..after the next

20minutes another Mr. Famous came and he was the chosen for the communication tracking….he told me how everything

gonna be,,,he said every damn calls make by any of the numbers they got in this company will be recorded on a master computer that will be given to me, he said the computer is a mobile one that will be taking around me wherever I go…he also said every record of any conversation will be there intact on the computer for a longtime until the

computer got faulty. he even said I will be receiving all the calls made within the company and outside the world once one of the numbers they were progamming is involved…the computer he was talking about was like an ipad….but they call it ‘terminal recorder”..I was happy of everything he said and I

paid him 5.5million he requested for………………………..20minutes after he left, I got a call from

suzzie reminding me on the money I promised her, I told her about what happened and he was almost fainted because she also love ayomide, she felt sorry for me and she told me to forget about the money, I insisted that to send her the money which I made straight away…….she hung up the call and I

called my secretary to make an arrangement of #700,000 to one mrs, ayoola with this account details, it was suzzie’s account details I gave to her, I hide suzzie’s original identity because the rumour may link to amoke’s hearing…………she left and after some minutes, she came back to report that the

transaction has been successfully done……….. I gave a call to suzzie to confirm if she has truly saw the alert…..suzzie

confirmed it right…..she was happy to see the money but she

said I wouldn’t have stressed myself again, I promised next time will be more than that and I promised her billions of naira

incase what we did lead to pregnancy…….she thought I was joking but she said ok…….we thereby crack some jokes about our last seen, she said she really enjoy my sex that she was

even presently thirsty of my dick…….”Kai, are there still such

married women outside there???”” I talked to myself…….I then

told her I also miss her, that infact I felt like to fuck the pussy in the office the moment I was chatting with her……she said I

should stop the seducing words that it going to make her hurny if I didn’t stop, I stopped because I remember I was in the office as well. I gave an end to the call…

………………….2hrs after the call of suzzie, a call from seye also

entered my phone and the conversation goes thus:



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