Fausa Eleja season 7 episode 8

Fausa Eleja season 7 episode 8

February 25, 2017 Fausa Eleja season 7
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///EPISODE 8///

“It is better I look for a way to catch those bad people redhanded”

“Because if I should started sacking those suspected, I will surely sack the innocent along”

“I began to think how I can solve this problem, how I can catch them redhanded and also this is a big organization that sacking without rigid evidence can be challenged”

When I couldn’t came up with one idea at that moment, I opened my bbm to reply suzzie

(Offline message of suzzie)

Suzzie: hello baby! Its been a longtime, you don’t even ask about me again, does that means bissme has been giving you more than I do??????????
Suzzie: hello, why are you not replying my message now?????

Suzzie: is there anything I have done to offended you anyway?

(I then replied her)
Me: suzzie, I’m sorry I late to reply you, nothing you have done to me, but just that I have been facing a lot in my office……..infact to be a chairman of an organization is not that easy
(She came online thereafter, and We began to chat)
Suzzie: lol, you are not serious, how can an acting Manager became a chairman just like that??????? Where on earth is that happening????
Me: lol, I now owned an organization of myself
Suzzie: are you kidding me?????? You must now become a big man like dangote now oooo, your pajama must ride my toto in a very big time now, because I must chop from that money…..

Me: lol, see am not in the mood to chat today, may be other time sha

Suzzie: why are you like this now?????? You weren’t like this then, infact you have changed, and you won’t believe it, I have missed that your big dick like seriously

Me: suzzie, I told you I’m not in the mood, infact your chat was just getting on my nerve

Suzzie: haaaaaaa, money don come now, yanga don dey saga abi??????

Me: I will chat you later after work sha, I’m at work! ok?
Suzzie: weren’t you at work when we usually cracked the sexchat then????? So why now that you have become the boss of yourself????? You are now acting bossy right???? Or does that means you have fell into much love of bissme’s pussy than mine?????

Me: please stop that, my co-workers here are plotting some treacherous act to dupe and harm the company, infact I don’t know what I can do? They were hinder to get this company get bogged………I’m seriously boggle

Suzzie: harming the company???? In what sense???? Are they not doing their work as expected?????

Me: they are money………..infact
trying to I don’t
embezzle know what
the to
organization do, I’m just
Suzzie: but once you have known those engaged in the act,

why can’t you sack them………
Me: you know this is a big organization, and without a rigid confirmation to use against them, I can not win them, if atall they filed a petition
Suzzie: win them as in?????? Are you not the chairman
Me: you are right but I can’t just sack anyhow, I must have a rigid reason, otherwise I would be sued, and I was even yet to known all the culprits….

Suzzie: then use all your tactics you always use when you are sampling a woman’s toto to achieve your aims now

Me: lol, if I catch you????? What tactics are you talking about??????

Suzzie: didn’t you have CCTV over there??????????

Me: ooooooohhhhhh nice one, we have but only in my office to view only the outside office (compound, and gate)

Suzzie: that means your organization are seriously lagging behind

Me: thanks for reminding me, something strike my mind now, and I will try to make a secret CCTV to all offices and departments so I can be monitoring their moves all
Suzzie: lol, so are you now happy????
Me: (see how this girl talks like a brainy man, he made me remind my friend seye) sure I am, thanks dear

Suzzie: so if I carry my toto come now, will you be in nice mood to sample it right?

Me: sure, even more than your expectation

Suzzie: badman, I know you go sabi that one

Me: you are not serious! You too nko, isn’t that what you like?

Suzzie: that reminds me, how about my daughter bissme?????? Hope you guys are living fine????

Me: living fine? As in?
Suzzie: she told me the last time we chatted that it seems you guys are going to marry each others, because the way you guys runs thing at that moment speaks it possibly

Me: hunnnnmmmmnnn, I wish I could marry her but death didn’t approved it

Suzzie: what do you mean????

Me: bissme is died

Suzzie: what!!!!!!! Is that a joke?

Me: not a joke oooooooo I’m serious…….
Suzzie: haaaaaaaaa, I see!!! I didn’t get through with any of her contact again……..what happened to her?????

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