Five common things public bus drivers face daily

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So let us down to business,

1. The drivers always take the blames:

be it a stumble upon a bumpy road or the driver decided to stop and check his tires or either rain or sun is too much, most passengers will always find reasons to shout at the driver, not minding the situation of the road or the age of the person conveying them. from nearly all corner of the vehicle or bus you hear different chants like “driver you Don high”, driver ” this driver is not a good driver”, “baba u Don chop burns abi why u carry this old car enter road”, “driver wetin na, abeg no use the one wey dey ur body block my own o”. These are just a pinch of the chants you hear sequencially from every corner of the auto. Not minding the psychological effects those chants can impose on their conveyor(driver)

2. They have to be the one to get dowm some passengers load no matter the size:

I was in a public transport some few days ago when it got to the bus stop of a young lady of about 19 years, the driver pulled over waiting for the lady to come down with her small traveling box which was beside her, but to my outermost suprice this girl made a statement to this midage driver “driver are you not going to bring down my load or didn’t I pay for the service” for crying out load this Africa show some respect to ur elders in society its our culture to do so.

3. They have no say passengers conversation:

Now a days if you are driver conveying your passengers to their destinations it’s better to keep shut at most conversation your passengers are engaging in your vehicle to avoid bashing, because most of them don’t want to hear your contributions rara, it’s only in few cases you can observe a journey in Naija that, u won’t the man on steering, does not really receive words of bashing from one or more of the passengers at the same time or sequentially.

The are supposed to stop or park anywhere the passenger wish to come down.

Oh this another one, if the driver does not stop at the exact point most passengers desires to stop. then expect bashing, “oga wetin be your own na, drop me na, shey brake no dey this moto again”? Not minding road signs, and need for self parking.

4. Drivers are believed to be illiterates or dropouts:

Please this assumption most passengers has been proven to be not more than a fallacy, because the Nigeria economy has made it over time for graduates and most educated mid age men to go into the transportation business, most pastors are even doing it,

5. Police palava:

This is not supposed to come last, but since we are discussing about the passengers side of this matter, am justified to put it last,

have you ever notice the expression on a driver’s face, when his auto approaches the men on black overall?(them Don they mix color sha.), the drivers face will turn rainy and cloudy because there’s a routine. Which is to drop #100 or above before you pass them, they don’t even accept #50 again, please someone should explain to me why they collect money from these drivers, is it how it’s done in other countries?. nowadays the police check point collecting job, has been so lucrative to the force that every 2 kilometers is a police check point, of course the driver has to drop as usual else he and his passengers get extremely fustracted by the men on black. Except in rare cases where u meet the real force men doing their job, even road safety are not excluded from this drivers assault enroute. But their case is still on the minimal naija which way?.

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