Gifts, Talents and passion. Are they the same?

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Most times, people often take everything to be the same.
To my understanding, whatever you can do without learning is a GIFT. For instance. If you can sing without going to music school. If you can pastor a church without going to theology college, or if you can plait hair without learning from a salon or if you can play football without going to football academy. Etc.

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To my understanding, Talent is what you learn and you are good at it. For instance, if you learn barbing and you are best at it, then they say its your talent to be a barber. Or if you learn tailoring, and good at it, then your talent is to become a tailor. If you learn a particular trade or course and you are getting frustrated with it and not productive, then you are not talented in that field.

And passion they said is what you are happy doing without anybody forcing you or monitoring you.

But in most instance, people always inter-use this terms. Like saying Tailoring is a gift and not talent. In my church, I was told gifts are love, kindness, giving etc according to the new testament. And anything outside this things are not gifts,

I once had an argument with some group of people. Some said singing is a gift, some said its talent, some said its passion.

Over to you team onihaxy. What is a gift?, a talent? And a passion?.
Are they all the same?
If not?, what are the differences?

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