His little secret episode 2

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As soon as I sat down munching on the apple, my phone rang. I checked the caller ID and dropped the phone on the table without a word. I tried concentrating on the highlights without much success as my phone continued ringing consistently. At the fifth ring, my brother looked askance at me. I shrugged my shoulders and delved into the story of how I met the guy on the bus and gave him my number when he persistently asked for it so he could let me be. He flashed me immediately and I memorised the number. I knew I wouldn’t pick his call. He wanted the number and I gave him. That doesn’t mean I would receive his calls. Boys are just too dumb. As soon as I finished my story, my brother shook his head and said, ”That is how you would miss your future husband if you’re not careful.” I wrinkled my nose at him and told him of the possibility of knowing who my husband would be the very instant I see him but I did not tell him I was already thinking about the fair Mr. Isaac in that light.
A light knock on the door got me jumping on my feet, heading for the door, expecting to see my parents. I opened the door to a smiling Mr. Isaac.
”Hello, dear”, he said.
Till today, I don’t know what took my voice at that moment. I found myself struggling to form words into a sentence and instead bobbed my head like a lizard. He continued smiling anyway. ”Where’s Ope?”, he asked. I led him to the sitting room where he sat comfortably with my brother like an old pal, feeling so at home in our living room. I watched both of them as they talked animatedly about the previous football matches, the leading club and the fixtures. Something soared within me. I was already picturing this same scenario in the nearest future where Mr. Isaac…no..by then I would be calling him Isaac…would be my husband and he would be having brotherly conversations with my brother. Oh, what a happy family we would be. I smiled to myself, feeling shy about my thoughts. We were all so distracted we didn’t hear the sound of my parents’ car until the door opened and they stepped inside. To my shock, Mr. Isaac rose up very quickly and rushed out of our apartment, nearly knocking my mom over. She turned to dad with disgusted look on her face. ”Darling, what is it with you and that young man? Just look at what just happened!” she said. Dad took long strides to their bedroom without so much a backward glance. ”Mom?”, I called. For the first time since the 5 minutes of their arrival, mom looked at me, drawing her face into a smile. ”Oh, Tiwalola, you’re back! Welcome home, my darling.”
I smiled at her. I couldn’t even tell her how much I missed her food. S
omething was up…something so important that my dad didn’t even notice I was there. One thing I am sure of is, I am going to find out.

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