Hostages : episode 3

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part3:flash back****i was sleeping in on one thursday morning i picked up my phone check the screen i saw four missed calls from bros ade well this bros ade is my dads elder brother he is just like a father to me i lived with him for six years he is a commissioner in imo state and he is wealthy as a comissioner within that six years i was trained a little cos i was so young i was eighteen when i was living with him before i went for waec exams after that six years so i was enlightened a little on how to fight shoot guns he told me that if am through with my university that i should join the police force well i wasnt really interested but my time over there was fun he goes out on many type of occasion harm robbery case assasination case etc. My phone started ringing again i quickly answered the call
me:hello sir good morning sir
Bros ade: morning segun how are you
me:fine sir
Bros ade: OK i hope you have not forget what i told you about your Father.
me:no sir eversince then we never had misunderstanding anymore
Bros Ade: good make sure u be a good man in future what about your school process
me: sir am almost. in school about to write my exams
Bros Ade:very good OK send me your account number so i can send you some money
me (**happymood**)WOW thank you sir Will do that now sir
(call disengaged) i type my account number as a text message and i sent it to him after about 25munites i saw an alert on my phone deposition of 10k my mind con sweet me like sugar
*********************************(one week later)******************************************
i decided to meet Faith so i went to their home sat at their front edge after about ten munites i saw her coming back from work she saw me and was surprise to see me i whispered from distance
me :Faith i wanna see you
Faith :me
me: yeah i Will meet you at the mosque
Faith:OK wait for me
i went down to the mosque not far from our street its silent over there so i waited there after about another ten munites i saw her coming towards me i saw the beauty in her. she got closer to me and she said
Faith:am here now
me : yeah well this is our first time talking together and i dont want it to be a fight i heard that you accused me of saying dirty words to you
Faith: speechless
me:well i did not say a Word about you and we never talked anything about you so pls dont think bad about me
Faith:hmmmmmmmm OK i have heard you anything else
**********i smiled to my self Yes she wants me to make a move **********
me: well Faith this time is a good opportunity for me to say what i have been thinking about
Faith:am listening
me: i have been in this street for long and i have been thinking how to get intouch with you
Faith: here i am say whatever you want to say.
me: i have got affections for you i really what you to be GF cos i have fallen in love with you.
Faith : WOW bravo you tried. but i have someone who am dating so no way
SHE turned and was about walking away from me i Drew her left hand back and she faced me and looked straight into my eyes i got closer to her and said to her
me: faith i love you from my heart pls dont let me down.
faith :hmmmmmmmm i love you too niyi i was only pulling your legs
i Drew her more closer to me this time around was very close i held her hand and rap my other hand over her waist my head was moving close toher head my. mouth was going for a Kiss and she adjust a little i Drew her closer again and again till i lock my lips with hers kissing her very slow in other not to spoil the fun i was kissing her as if we had done it before this time she has giving up her self for me to do whatever i want but we where at the Middle of the road anyone can can just walk and see us see badluck TBC…

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