Hostages part 15

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******************phone rings**********************
Bros ade:have you got to Benin
me:Yes sir
Bros Ade:OK i Will meet you at the motor park
me:OK sir
me wey i still dey for hotel,i quickly rushed down to the motor park
after about 30munites i saw Bros ade coming towards me well he dosnt look like a commissioner he was only puting on white top and Jean
me:Bros Ade(EMBRACE)
bros Ade:bigboy hmmmmmmmm you are now very matured
Brosade:lets _go home
i followed him till we get to his destination WOW if you see the kind of island my Bros is living in my precious GOD its not just a mansion its looks like a whole community very big compound about 100plot of land to my own View.he Led me in as we got to the compound i saw a very fine car Parked beside the way Bros Ade urshered me in then we drove down to the main building where Lillian was staying we got down and i was shown my room.
WOW am in paradise the room was awesome i came out of my room again looking around to see the beauty of the apartment which looks like Castle i was holding some of my luggage on my hand as i turned to the other room without looking forward i jammed with a man puting on Black speck he was huge and looking so scary.the books i was holding fell on the floor as the books scatters on the floor both of us bent down to pack the books
i quickly collect the remaining books from him i thanked him and i left immediately the man turned around as he saw a picture on the floor he was heading to pick it up i remembered that the picture segun gave to me was Lillian pics
me:yeeeeee am dead the picture aaaaaah
as i run back i saw him holding the picture looking at it with anger i quickly hide in one Corner so he wouldnt see me he held the picture in his left hand as he walked away from the passage my mind was at peace for that moment but i know something trappy Will happen soon but he wouldnot want to suspect me much cos am his boss little boy so he cant be ash on me i waited for like 10hours i didnt see Lillian oooo i just took a shirt and head out to look around i came back home again but i saw no one except the guides in the premisis i went straight to my room i slept off
the next day i woke up.the sound from other apartment was so loud i wasnt really comfortable as i got up i went down to the DVD player i tuned the volume down i was about walking back to my room i heard the voice
Lillian:who the hell are you
Lillian:are you the new security again did my father tell you to stop me from listening to music
me: am not a security
lillian: then who the hell are you
me:am niyi …..(interupted)
bros ade: he is my son
lillian:oh i see
bros ade:niyi this is lillian the senators daughter
me:(pretends)wow really i never knew ooo
lillian:(looked me trashly)hun
me:nice meeting you
i stretched my hand to give her a hand shake but she decline and she walked away from my
bros ade: thats a life of a rich spoilt girl just adapt to it till you return to ibadan
me:okay sir no problem
hmmmmm this time i have work to do shes kinda ash and spoilt so i have to find my way in to kidnapp this spoilt lilly of a girl.

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well life was geting sweeter at the senators daughter home i lives comfortable eating good food i almost forgot what i went there for, i was sitting down under a fancy tree within the compound enjoying my rose daniel as she walk pass
lillian:hey man exuse me there i want to relax
lillian:i said i want to relax here
me: so yu mean i should stand up from here
lillian:are you deaf get up!!!
me:but its not up to that,why insulting me
one of the security interupted
security:sir thats where she always relax during the days pls just create a space for her to sit
me:oh its ok i will leave but she speaks illegaly
lillian:whatever (hisses)
i left the place and i was in one corner wondering how to penetrate this girl its either i take this girl by force cos she not taking it lightly with me at all she dosnt even like me.

one sunny afternoon there was about seven executive cars coming into the compound i never knew whats going on until they parked i saw a man in one of those cars he was putting on dry lace with a brand shoe expensive wrist watch handsome guy oh my gosh he is sparking clean i could see another set of people in form of family they all came down and head straight to a cool spot within the large compound big anough for airplane park everyone was seated.bros ade and i was walking down there towards them while i asked my bros
me: sir whats going on today
bros ade: oh yeah lillian is having an introduction today with the man in lace
me:(chai there is problem)really thats good ooo
bros ade:finaly she will travel abroad with him after the introduction and engagement today
bros ade:whats that
me:ahhhhhh nothing
bros ade:is there any problem are you not ok with that or why shouting
me:no its just that i havent visit overseas once in my life and this small girl will get there before me (I LIED)
bros ade:hmmmmmmm you see this life a twist it can be a blessing to few and it maybe a lesson to some. we live in same world but has different destiny so son forget about being in abroad GOD can bless you in an anonymous way
me:hmm thats true it is well sir
bros ade:come lets go. at least my job will be done when she travels
me:hmmmmm(i have to act fast)yeah thats true
we both walked down to where they gathered we sat down and they ordered for lillian and her father who was inside before i left the house.TBC…

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