Hostages part 17

Hostages part 17

February 15, 2017 Hostages, Uncategorized
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part17: *****JUDGMENT DAY*****
segun took the gun from his back pocket,he triggers the gun and pointed it to my mothers heart while i was standing helplessly
segun:you have failed me niyi and you must pay with your mothers life
as he triggers the gun once again he fires my mother twice (taaaa taaaa)
me:nooooooooooooooo mommy!!!
wake up!! wake up!!!
jumbo:now are you ready to talk
i couldnt believe i was dreaming it looks so real i was so afraid
jumbo:answer me now
me:am not a criminal cant you see she loves me and i also love her
jumbo:how did you get her picture
me:cant you just reason with me anyone can get the senators daughter picture she is porpular
jumbo:you are a bloody lier!!!
he came closer to me kicking me with his heavy boots as i was gasping for air i just saw lillian from nowhere she hit jumbo with the long golf stick on her hand jumbo fell on the floor he was about to stand up
me:hit him again
lillian hit him with the golf stick continuously until he fainted. lillian came closer to me she kissed me so quick i never expect it
she untied me from the chair she said i should run
lillian:niyi you have to go now
me:i dont know anywhere around here they will definately catch me lets go together
lillian:no i cant my father will hate me
me:lillian i cant do this without you
lillian:just go trough this was
she was pointing to the river at the back of the mansion i looked clearly and i now realised that its not just a big enviroment but an island
me:lillian if you realy love me you will sacrifice anything for me
me:we have no time lillian
lillian:i think i have some possesions but lets go for now we will talk later follow me this was
as lillian led the way at the back of a safe passage while an alarm was ringing (winho winho winho waaaa winho winho winho waaaaaaaa)
we ran into two guards lillian screamed i drew her closer to me as the two guards was coming our way i had no idea what to do but i gathered courage to face those heavy men i looked around i saw fire estinguisher hunged on the Wall and i saw another entrance leading straight to light i knew there must be a way out over there Lillian step aside for me to react i took the estinguisher opened it as the heavy guards were getting closer to me i pressed it pointing it towards them they couldnt see clearly i pressed it continuously Lillian and i slide passed them beside the Wall as i dropped the extinguisher we turned left quickly behold i could feel some fresh air,as we got outside we were surrounded by water i dont even know how that building was built close to a river very big as that
me:Lillian what do we do now
me:are we going to swim oh my goodness we cant jump into this River
Lillian:can you ride a boat
me:a boat!!! (me wey i be poor rat)i have never entered one talkless of touching it
Lillian:OK never worry just follow me
i followed her walking beside the river very fast as we heard the sound of gun shot (taaa taaa poaaa poo poo)(dog barks)
Bros Ade: Hey niyi stop!! stop!!!
Lillian and i started running she was in my front as she ran towards a big fine hut she pulled the rubber cover inform of tapolly off the hut WOW!!! it was a big flying boat bright and shining like crytal Kingdom we both got closer,we pushed the boat down to the river it was very easy the boat was already set in a way it could be easily pushed to the river

me:Lillian can you ride this
Lillian:Yes i can now sit tight cos am about to fire this boat
me:(chai this girl na commando)
she pulled out two AK 47 from a corner she handed me one and she took one

bros ade was shouting my name i knew he didnt want to shot me and all his men were at alert to fire me as soon as they get order from my bros ade
bros ade:niyi!!! stop!! stop!!!
while we where on the river about to move bros ade and gis men was about 5miles away from us as he screamed with anger
bros ade:niyi!!! if you dont stop now!!! you will die by my gun!!!
me:oh my GOD!!!(i heard those words my hearts pounds)
i turned and looked back to his direction while he and his men where still running i knew this is where our enemity begins,he is a man of his words i feared i was shaking my


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