Hostages part 6

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part6********back to main story********
i got home that day after class i relaxed for like an hour still yet sege is not back where could he be i took my phone and dialed his number09094350449 … … …
me:hello madman where you go you no go come house abi
sege:you dey crazz ni i tell you.say i go villge go see my mama
me: hahahaahah your mama wey don die since when if you no carry that your small head come house eh
sege: i dey come
me:sege abeg talk better nah i don dey hungry again ooo
sege: yeeee mad man the 500wey i give you this morning nkor you don finish am abi
me: talk better jor i buy card for my phone nah you know say nah buhari time we dey
sege: hun you be fowl trowing child check under our wardrop open the rog you go see 10k comot 1k make you cook indomie make we chop i go reach house within 20munites
me : tuaile baba i hail oo too much money no wahala i go cook indomie
***************call disengage************
i looked and searched down the wardrop i drag the rug up and i saw a lot of money i just took only 1k out of it went down to the kitchen put water for fire i bought indomie and all the ingridents tomato sauce etc
after about ten munites food is ready i prepare to eat na so i ear person dey knock for my door kokoko i tink say na sege oooo i opened the door gbosa a blow from no where hit my face another kick in my tommy before i could open my eyes another slap taaaaaa on my face at this range i was on the floor trying to gain my sight back a man drag me from behind he pushed me on the chair they where 3 in numbers all of them was puting on black mask
guy1:hey young boy niyi i am not here for you but if you play games with me you are as good as dead so comply
me:ok sir
i was shaking and about to wee on my body
guy2:where is shadow
me:shadow !!!
guy3:see this bastard you dey repeat question
he gave me another blow gbosa on my cheek i dived from the chair to the floor facing the other masked man foot he kicked my mouth with his foot my mouth was soaking with blood
guy2:where is shadow
me: i dont know what you are talking about pls i beg you i dont know shadow
guy1: hmmmm i see this guy knows nothing about shadow hey niyi take a look at this picture the you know him
i was so shock when i saw seguns face in that picture he was puting on full black the same way the mask men did but wasnt on mask so i saw his face and a rifle gun on his hand
me: jesus this is segun my room mate
guy1:very good thats his real name i guess now hes got business with us so where is he
me :sir he left this morning he never told me where he was heading to thats all i know pls spare my life pls
guy1:hmmmmmmmm skama
(clueless)(deep yoruba language)(slangs)
guy1:tell segun he has no where to hide
all the 3guys left the room i was totally weak but i managed to peep from the window i could see them enter into a blue van and drove off within 10secounds segun entered the room he rushed in to check on
segun:what have they done to you
me: segun who are you and who are you dealing with
segun :i will explain to you later but for now we must leave this room
me:am not leaving
segun:there is bigger problem which you cant solve now you are involved
me:involve in what

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