Hostages part two

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part2:******Flash back ******
there is a girl which i dated back then at Early 18 her name is faith the third GF in my life i just got to that area then so i was new and fresh in my area SHE is dark not too short in high shes got a cute ass round boobs and shes really submissive so It started when i nomally sit in front of our gate catching some fun , her own House was also opposite ours so i normal get a clear view of most the things she does we both observes our selves for sometime she lived with her parents her father is a mechanical engineer in front of there house and he was living well and feeding his family one wife five daughters this was amazing no son among them they were all females so my life with this girl goes like this i have some street friends in that area as a guy but i wasnt too intimated with them all i do is go to field and play football so i met some of them on field so we became friends this girl faith actually i had no intention of dating her despirately but she gave me a go ahead through my friends at one particullar night one of my friend called me
letidosky:hey omoniyi alaiye mi baba agbalagba tuailey
me: i hail oooo letidosky baba watin dey nah
letidosky:hmmm oboy e get one parro wey i wan make you enter o and i no wan make you fuck up oo
me:eh eh which kind parro be that brother
letidosky:you believe say this girl for your yard she dey talk something for mouth and she include you
me : who be that
letidosky :faith nah
me :as how whats she saying
letidosky:see eh as i see this girl she wan play game and you go follow play the game
me:abeg yan me the matter
letidosky:this girl come meet me for our spot as we gather for there they shaye for there she con dey tell me say me and you with all our friends nah her matter we put for mouth dey talk
me :ahhh which matter be that
letidosky:she say she ear say niyi talk say she too like boys say she be wayward person
me:ahaaahhhhh watin you con talk
letidoskey: me i just dey wonder ooo which day me and you follow talk this girl matter oo i just tell her say we no talk anything ooo but she no gree oo she just tell me say if i see you make i warn you oo
me: chai lol oboy i see
letidosky: hmm you know wating go happen go confront this girl she wan make you come na scope she don give you hint
me eh eh and you know say her mama nah fire
letidosky:forget that tin just find your way
me:ok no yawa nah make we dey look
i thanked letidosky and i walked away i took a napep to focus tutorial where i was about to write my waec exams i got there it was always crowdy as usual i went straight to mr femi office and he ushered me in
mr femi :hey young niyi how are you
me:am fine sir
mr femi:hope all is well
me:yes sir all is well sir i came on behalf of my daddy sir he went out so he asked
me to get your number and to ask you how far about my inteligence in literature sir
mr femi: ehm well you are a good boy and you are also trying but put more efford so to make your result look presentable here is my number 09094350449 you can whatsapp me on that too
me: ok sir thank you sir
mr femi:and tell you dad i will have to see him personaly my self
me :no problem sir bye sir
i left the office and head back home TBC…

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