LARABA (where love never ends) Episode 16

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Chapter 16

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Unedited Episode

Four hefty pairs of eyes rested on him. The eyes that belonged to the witch and the monk. And of course those eyes were neither friendly nor hostile, witchy or sorcerous. But fear they were. They stunk of fear. Those eyes stared a brimful dread out to him, so he was supposed to be affrighted. He was supposed to be scared. But he was not. Ryan remained unmoved.

Both Alzarius and the monk already perceived the danger inside the mission–the mission to turn human, and they already had tried every possible means to dissuade him but Ryan wouldn’t heed.

“My friend are you sure about this ? This path you are about to tread is dangerous. ” Lazarus’s said, his petite lips were moving in between his beard and moustache to form the words that proceeded out of his mouth. Lazarus huge beard, although greying, was now enough for parliament of owls to seek refuge. His moustache also was now thicker that even sage painter would favour them over his brushes, if given a chance to swap.

Ryan lynched the question with a quick reply; “Nothing to be scared of Laz, I’m determined to do this– not even your warning will draw me back”

Then he watched Alzarius’s mouth formed another words. And he knew the words would also not be likeable.

“Ryan”Alzarius called, releasing a loud breath, ambling round him with her head bobbed upward in a way that meant she was in for a serious talk. “You are good person, and good person doesn’t deserve to die. Not even for anything. Love should not be the reason why you should tread this path of perdition. You don’t need to shed away your greatest gift all because of love. It’s isn’t enough. You see, immediately I give you back this talisman and you wear it on your neck, there is no going back. Ryan, you can still change your mind and gift yourself another chance of being the most powerful being on earth”

Ryan snickered, and what an indirect way to grumble he wasn’t diddered by her words. As a matter of fact, the witch’s word was like an eye opener to him. The witch had spewed on how love was not enough to moult away his supernaturalism, but that had guided Ryan to find another tenuous reason to.

“I want to fail the prophecy” Said Ryan.

“How!?” Alzarius and Lazarus exclaimed. Surprised they were.

“The werewolves think I’m that special person that will father a powerful doom to end their kind. So I think the prophecy is doomed to fail since I’m about to become an ordinary human.”

The reply caused Alzarius more than a millimetre heft of her eyebrows while her mouth puttered opened in a shape wider than that of a crewet. She shook her head and said, “Ryan you can’t stop it any longer. It’s too late. The prophecy has begun to manifest”

Ryan glared at Alzarius. Now it was his time to raise his eyebrows above a millimetre and open his mouth like a gosling. “What are you talking about ?” He asked.

“Your seed is already being carried in a womb, and believe me the seed is the same child the prophecy talked about”

His face contorted now. He was utterly surprised. Happiness was reeking steeply on him. So Regina was carrying his child ? His own blood kiss the world welcome ?

“I need the talisman back. Please give it to me ?” Ryan begged, outstretching his hand.

The new discovery alone had pushed him more into transmuting back to ordinary human being. He wouldn’t want any complicated life for his unborn child. For his family. All what he craved for at the moment was a flexile life of a perfect family. A life devoid of pestering prophesy of how his son was going to be a future exterminator to wipe out an entire surface of the wolves kind. A life of reclusiveness, whereby he would only be confined to the cave for the rest of his life. For he craved to taste that gregarious life once more. Life he would have to mix up with people in the town so he would be able to let the whole world know he was now a human being capable of loving. Ryan wasn’t going to allow all this be stolen away from him all because of his supernaturalism.

“Don’t be insane Ryan, why are you bent on killing yourself” The monk was forced to go underbred on him.

Ryan ignored him and faced Alzarius who had the talisman. “Give me the talisman, I really need to do this. You said love isn’t enough to be the reason why I should do this now have discovered more than enough reason. I need to be there for my unborn child and my family. Please give it to me”

Alzarius, without uttering anything else went to pick up the talisman from the ground of his cabin. She had collected it afore from him, drew a circle on the ground, then a trigon on top of it before placing the talisman inside the images to cast the spell. The spell meant to contain his powers so as not to slip out from him for the period of 27 days before the spell of Eden could be undone from him.

“Take, you know what to do with them ?” She gave Ryan the talisman and a knife

Ryan collected them, thanked the witch, while he tried to avoid the stare Lazarus was welting him with. Even though he doubted the knife would be useful, because he had envisaged the task to be free of any betise, still he collected it. Then he bade farewell to Alzarius and the monk, and went back to the cave to meet Regina.

On getting to the cave, everywhere was spookily silence. There was no traces of life in there. He had expected to meet Regina inside the cave, she had always been there. She had no elsewhere to go. But unfortunately, he couldn’t catch any sight of her this time around.

Ryan resolved to using his powers to find her for the last time, since he hadn’t worn the talisman round his neck. Then he strained his nostrils to pick her scent but it was futile, instead, another unfamiliar scent wafted into his nostril.

Ryan knew he was not alone.

His eyes glowed greenish-gray perusing the surrounding of the cave, it didn’t take long before the intruder surfaced before him. Ryan saw him and came to conclusion the intruder was werewolf. That of course intensified his ire, as he lurched towards him and hauled him aloft.

“Where is she ? Where is Regina” He growled, trying to compel him. But the compulsion failed.

“Hey hey ..Calm down.. You can’t compel me, neither can you control me” the intruder said. Showing his wrist to Ryan.”I’m wearing the vervain”

Ryan took a deep swig of breath. “You are under the vervain doesn’t stop me from snapping your head right now. Can’t compel but I can kill you”

The intruder’s face morphed into what depicted Ryan was just bluffing. “You wouldn’t want to that ?”

“And what if I do ?”

“Regina will be dead!”

Ryan immediately slunk back to being coward on hearing Regina’s name. He let the intruder down and let him go. He couldn’t afford to loose Regina over his misdeed.

The intruder seeing this, laughed out loud. The laugh didn’t beautify his face in any form, instead it dashed him a ugly look like figurine of a weeping gorilla. The laugh was ugly. And wicked. And punctured with victory. Nothingness it did wonders in fawning Ryan more and more.

“Ryan Jericho, I am Salmad by name. I’m here to capture you” He finally blustered amidst his gorillian unbeautiful laugh.”You will put on the talisman now or else you won’t like what will happen to Regina” He threatened now. –while Ryan flinched in fear.

“Don’t hurt her please.” He begged.

“We will, if you failed to comply to my terms”

Ryan spared him a long look on him and nodded. Putting on the talisman would render him feeble and powerless to the point that even a snail would be astute than him. While failing to wear it could be that he was putting Regina’s life in danger. Regina with the unborn baby. He would rather die a billion times than to see Regina being hurt by a butterfly.

Ryan opted to wear the talisman. It was better he loose himself to save Regina and her baby. Than to annihilate him and put Regina’s life in jeopardy.

He brought out the talisman from his pocket and wore it on his neck. Immediately the talisman touched his neck, Ryan twitched as he had a huge feeling of something so crux to him had left him. He knew his power had left him.

“Nice decision Ryan but I must say it’s unwise one.”Salmad pouted mockingly. “Regina will die immediately after your death. You can’t expect us to save her on just like that. That will be totally unwise of us too. I can’t imagine how love had turned the great hybrid into an arsine being. Trust me you will die knowing your decision killed your lover”

Ryan grunted. He felt pained and betrayed. His stubbornness and foolishness had caused him Regina’s life. His charming beauty.

“Remember you can’t remove the talisman again unless you want to kill her with your hand. And I’m cocksure you wouldn’t want to try that”

After Salmad had finished talking. He brought out his Dragunov gun and aimed it at Ryan. Ryan eyes also caught the archers on standby with their bows and arrows. The archers had surrounded the cave. Their faces screamed death. They were ready to shoot at him. Ryan was helpless, he knew there was no way of escape this time around. He knew it was just a matter of seconds before wearing bullets, arrows and spears as perfume.

He wasn’t going to see Regina again with his unborn child. They were all going to die–and it was unfortunate it was all because of him. His dreams and all what he craved for were pottering away and there was nothing he could so stop that from happening. It was just too much handle. Too much to bear.

Ryan wept.– for the first time.

Story continues..

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