LARABA ( where love never ends)  episode 27

LARABA ( where love never ends) episode 27

March 17, 2017 Laraba
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Chapter 27

Jamal scoffed, and walked out of Adarian. He knew he was just another desperate girl trying to turn him to her swain. Something that was not going to happen. Never going to happen. His heart had been sublimed not to fall for any female specie when the love for her late friend still existed in his heart. Oh Tamara, she would forever cherish the moment they had together.

Jamal and Hilton later got home in Hilton’s car. Hilton was still grumpy about how Jamal had snubbed the girl as pretty as that. He had remained taciturn through out their journey back home. Hilton knew he was not a guy that could hold a relationship for long, he was not even ready to be a beau to some girls out there, all he ever had for all these stunning girls like Adarian was just lecherous fling with them. And it hurt him whenever he saw Jamal rejected such a glazing offer all because of a girl whom he had loved and lost long time ago.

All the attempts made by Jamal to make him talk to him was futile. It was either he gave a monosyllabic grumble as response or he just wouldn’t utter a dime. He was mad at him, but not as how much he was mad at nature for not hauling such opportunities at him.

“Welcome home boys.” Rominick’s brassy voice welcomed them.

Hilton grumbled something and walked past his father while Jamal stayed.

“Afternoon dad.” Jamal responded.

“What’s wrong with Hilton?” The elderly man gestured towards Hilton as he pranced in his tawdry show to his room.

“Don’t mind him dad. He got mad cuz I snubbed another stalker today.” He said less concernedly and made to walk away.

“Wait son.” Rominick’s stern voice halted him.

Jamal knew he was in for another pep talk about relationships. Even though he knew his foster father hadn’t always been a buff of relationships but he had always talked him out about letting go of the past and moving on since Jamal had always complained he didn’t posses the grace to love another girl all because of his long dead lover.

“What are you son?”

“I don’t understand you dad ?” Jamal feigned ignorance.


Now Jamal knew Rominick wasn’t just in for another pep talk, he was sledging into one of his lecture he wouldn’t be able to come out soon. He hated him to talk to him about forgetting Tamara and moved on with someone new. He just didn’t want to forget about her, he had promised to always keep her memory since that was the least thing he could do now. Moreover, keeping her in mind was doing good job of rebuffing the hordes of girls around him at the moment.

“Yes dad.” His face metamorphosed into grimace. A simple hint to tell his foster father he already what he wanted to say.

Silence reigned, perhaps Rominick was contemplating on where to start his talk with the young lad. But then, before he could start talking, a knock happened on the door and that momentarily stole away the tension residing the room. Jamal was happy. He could have thanked whoever the welcomed-intruder was for staunching another hour of unwanted lecture. He rushed to open the door; but Jamal was more rarified by what he saw at their doorstep. It was his greatest surprise at the moment.

It was Adarian beaming at him.

“How the hell did you get to know this place ?” Jamal asked, anger flickering in his voice.

“Would you at least let me inside ?”

“What’s happening there ?” Jamal heard his foster father’s voice trailing from behind him.

“It’s some.. Ehm ..” He was unsettled as the next words he was supposed to say melted away from his mouth.

“Let her in.” Rominick commanded. Jamal leered angrily at Adrian while she smirked happily and pranced into the massive sitting room.

“I said how on hell where you able to get here ?” Jamal was really confused. He recalled vividly how he hopped into the car and drove away the moment he snubbed her at school. There was no how she could have stalked him to the house unless she was also on ride, whereas Adarian didn’t come with any.

“Let me just say I was able to catch your scent ?” Adarian replied tersely.

“My scent ? What are you ?” His face contorted more confusion.

“You don’t need to worry about what I am instead what I want.”

“And what exactly do you want if I may ask ?”

Adarian moved closer to Jamal and started a staring spree. Her eyes roamed about his tawny body, settled on his luscious lips, his ringleted black hair reeked of splendour all over his head. Jamal was handsome and Adarian couldn’t help but melt whenever she sighted him. Jamal was the kind of guy she would die for in a hurry.

“Your love, Jamal.”

“My love, what do you mean ?” He feigned ignorance.

“I love you Jamal and I can’t hold it anymore.”

Jamal scoffed and made to walk away.

“Don’t leave please.” Adarian quickly held him. She knew she was fast losing her pride as but she didn’t care if she evanesce all. Keeping it anyways wouldn’t get her the accolade. Jamal was the accolade she must get and she would get.

“Have you ever fathomed you hankering for something. Something that appeared you can’t survive without ? Something that stands as an anchor to why you still exist and if at any time the thing got lost then you are also lost with it. Something so precious to your soul and to your heart that everyday you dream about, yearn about it and your heart always desire it ? Have you ever being in love ? And if yes; then you should know how I feel right now. I’m in love with you Jamal. Please don’t deny me yours too?” Perceptible tears flowed down her eyes.

Jamal stared at her and realised how torn she was. Adarian wasn’t just another stalker. Among rout of girls stowing around him he now realised someone actually nurtured true love towards him. She wasn’t a stalker but a lovelorn looking for love. He wished he could reciprocate that type of love. He really wished he could wipe out Tamara from her head so he would forge ahead to love someone like her–but it seemed that was his most impossible mission. To forget Tamara? Forget it.

“I’m sorry Adarian, I don’t feel the same for you. Someone else has occupied my heart.” He said tawdrily.

“Some else ? But you are boy who doesn’t fall in love?”

Jamal smiled. “I guess now you know that’s a wrong sobriquet perpetrated by lumpish minds.” Jamal decided to leave but was held again by Adarian.

“Jamal please, all I ever need from you is to love me back.”

“And all I ever want for you is to leave me alone!” Jamal yelled at her and stomped away.

“I will come back for you. Will always come back for you. Because I love you Jamal.”


Rominick paced about his room as he listened to the conversation between Jamal and Adarian. His wanrestful self was getting much lighter. Something was adding up to his curiosity; and it hoped that led him to mission. The main reason he abducted Jamal.

A glimpse glare on Rominick would describe he was a top business mogul who would do anything to retain his position as a tycoon. Someone who had fought through alot of obstacles, scaled through hordes of hurdles and dike to attain his current position. But deep down, Rominick nursed a retribution within.

This was a feat he thought he had lost until he found Jamal laying wanly that night on the streets with the talisman on his neck. The talisman was the first to resurrect his dead hope and now he was more hopeful seeing Adarian come into play. All he prayed for now was Adarian to be what he actually wanted her to be. Even though with the look of things, especially with her alleged claim to have caught Jamal scent from school, he prayed Adarian to be a werewolf. Then things would just be falling into right place for him.

Rominick picked up his phone and punched on the keypads before putting it on his ear. A refined smirk climbed his lips as he spoke.


“Hello Romney.” A slightly brusque voice wafted out from the phone.

“I think I just found a mutt, I need you to help me confirm that.”

“Send her name, location, address and details to me.”

“I don’t have any. All I have is her picture and where she schools.”

“Send it please.”


Rominick hanged up and sent the picture of Adarian he had surreptitiously snapped when she was talking to Jamal. He smirked, smiled and grimaced for the start of a new game. A battle actually. A battle of retribution. A battle between only him and the supernatural.

Story continues ..


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