Let the guns speak episode 3

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LET THE GUNS SPEAK [Episode 3] He looked behind him and saw his pursuers; five men, five armed men! He increased the speed of his retreats. He knew the men’s mission; their intentions lied not only on retrieving the document but also to end the life of its unfortunate bearer, for the runaway man had known too much to be left alive. The runner, however, had sworn to protect the document or die in the act.
His pursuers were running towards him with weapons drawn; only two of the five men held pistols, the others wielded machetes with which they were all too eager to hack him to pieces. There was not going to be any room for negotiation or mercy if they caught him; the men would literally eviscerate him, they would gut out his entrails and split his head into two so as to make sure he remained undeniably dead. The bolting man tried to run faster but his legs were giving way, exhaustion was gradually overwhelming him; he had been running all day but the men after him seemed more determined to slaughter him than he was of protecting the damning document. The men must not get hold of the document, he must not allow it.

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