Local champion episode 26

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episode 26.
I wake up the following morning only to met only me
on the bed naked.
all that happen the previous night started playing back
in my head i started regretting ever coming to lagos
how i will face my boss wife, the type of eye she will be using to
look @ me chai god hope am not in a hot
I get up and look at the time it 10:45am jesus i rush to
the bathroom and rush out when i get to the parlour
nobody is there i check outside the coumpund nobody
there i went to check the kitchen as i open the kitchen door somebody
is backing the door i great her and
cynthia face me with just only her pant her bra on.
Cynthia: opp u just wake up
Me: yea good morning (looking down) so wheres your
sis and my boss
Cynthia: she escort him to the airport his travelling to china for a
business purpose and his going to come
back next 2month
Me: okay wich him save journey. So what are we
Cynthia: as u can see am just cooking maybe you
should stay for like 30mins the food will be ready Me: ok.
I enter back into my room and started thinking again
god me and 2 sexy ladyinside a house for 2 month o
ma god hope am not going to die before my boss
come bk. cynthia enter my room after 40mins with
tray in her hand i collect the food from her and thank her as i finish
eating i started feeling sleepy and enter

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