Local champion episode 27

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episode 27
I started dreaming about me and cynthia having sex
together as i want to really i just feel a sharp pain on
my dick.
As i open my eyes i saw cynthia naked in my front
laughing @ me. Me: jesus cynthia what the meaning of this
Cythia: common it nothing boy you know have been
dreaming aboutt having you in me
Me: wah so you drug me just to have your way with
Dont just know you are too desperate like this Cynthia: oooo see you ,
you think i did not see how
you always stare @ me how you always look at my
yansh while going, abi how you always peep at me
while bathinG
i just open my mouth feeling ashame of my self
Me: okay you know we cant do this right Cynthia: what cannt we do.
Just bbecos i dnt wnt 2
take it in a rough way with you abi
Me: so what about your sister, what will she say if she
come and meet us like this
Cynthia: shes not coming home today agin shes going
to our parent house so we have all days for our self As i hear dat my
dick leap up for joy so what have
been dieing for can come my way like this i move
closer to her and look deep into her eye i place my lip
to her and she welcome me back with her soft and
succulent lip we started kissing fighting lips with each
other one of my hand grap her boobs i started squessing her boobs and
at the same time use my
secound hand to locate her pussy i use my index
finger to rub her lip she encourage me by mourning
into my lips i push her to the bed and started using my
lip to lick her ear down to her breast i just remember
what i did with her sister and stand up from her when i remember the
ice cream stuff

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