Local champion episode 29

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episode 29.
I wake up the following morning feeling relief, i check
my room buh cynthia is not there i sit down on the bed
and started thinking how my life have been since
have come to the city from my boss wife to her sister
god help me. What about my gf in the village have not call her since 3
month ago.
I started thinking the type of person they will call me if
the two of them later findout if my boss find out what
will be my fate.
I will go back to the village, god forbid bad thing.
the ringing of my phone brought me back to life i check the screem and
it my mom calling me, maybe
theres a problem i think.
Me: hello, good morning ma
My mum: bawo ni (how are you)
Me:am fine ma hope theres no problem that you call
me this early morning My mum: okomi (my son) hope u are not having any
afair with your boss wife
Me: ra ra oo (noo) why did u ask
My mum: nothing happen. I just want you to be
carefull of her you know how woman behave dont let
her seduce you ooo Me: ok ma. Help me to greet everybody at home
My mu: ok they will hear
I cut the call and started my thinling.
Onli if she know what have done she will reject me as
her son.
I stand up from the bed, went to brush my teet and bath as i come out
from the bathroom as i saw cynthia
sitting on my bed with my phone in her hand.
As i approach her she just hiss and hand my phone to
me as i collect the phone from her i saw a messge.
I look @ the number and see that it an unsave number i call the number
bk but it switch off, i just look @ her
and i cold see love and jealous ln her eye
Cynthia: who send that msg to you
Me: i dont know maybe the person send it to a wrong
Cynthia: may it be so, cos i cant share you with anoda person
As i hear that i just shake my head. And went ahead
to dress
cynthia: and what is that unda ur towel
I look down and see that my dick have rise up
Me: dont mind that thing it get is own mind. Cynthia: can i have a feel of it
Me: and what are you waiting for
She jump down from the bed and come to kneel down
in my front she brought my dick out and started
stroking it as she place her lip on it
The door flong openn. Guess wu open the door??

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