Local champion episode 34

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episode 34
Like have know shes going to ask that question she look at cynthia
suspiciously and ask her why her hear is looking rough
Cynthia: erm i just to to bath that when i hear the knock
Boss wife(not feeling confuse) you want to bath and you are like this
pointing at her
Cynthia: i just wake up not long ago you can ask muda
She look at me and i bone my face not laughing
boss wife: hope it not what am thinking because anyday i caught the
two of you ehn you cynthia that is the day you are leaving this house
and youu muda it the police station.
I went back into my room and started thing after five mins my phone
started ringing i check the screen and it my boss wife it rand the
first time i did not pick it it on the fifth ring that i pick it.
Me: hello (sounding sleepy)
Boss wife: erm u see am sorry the way i talk to you the oda time i
just have to put the show on so that she wont suspect anythinh
Me:ok i understand it nothing nah
Boss wife: hope theres nothing between you two ooo cos i cant share
your cock with her oo u know we her sister
I said yes after the call a whatsapp msg enter my phone i read the msg
and it cynthia.: hello muda we need to talk.
I look up and see dat shes online i repleied her msg bk after 5mins
she reply me back
Cynthia: what between u and ur sister
Me: nothing ooooooooo(angry smileys)
Cynthia: hey dont give me that face cos i know what you guys can do
I pray theres nothing between you two cos am going to kill you before
i kill my self
I just look at the screen dont know what to type chai what have i got
my self into i dont know when my phone fall down and shattered into
pieces after 10mins theres a knock on my door i said comein and the
cynthia enter with a tray of food and drop it on my bed she ask me
what am thinking about i told her nothing i just carry the tray and
drop it on my table without touching it i went back on my bed laid
down and dose off .
I started seeing my self in the midst of children they are all crying
and coming to meet me i started running away from them as i was
running i did not look the road and a car hit me i just up from the
bes sweating like a christmass goat

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