Local champion episode 35

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I started thinking about the dream what the meaning of this i check the time it 2am i was very scared of going bk to sleep after much delebration i sleep off…………..
AFTER TWO MONTH My boss came back from his travel looking fresh and plump.

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the following day in the night something terrible
Me,myboss,his wife and cynthia we are inside the parlour watching film everywhere is silent my boss wife always steal glance at me occationally erm i did not tell you sha ooh my bad y did i forget oo cynthia get pregnant sha but thank god am not the one she bring it to it the dude you still remember im that dude
that they are Bleeping together inside the room that day me and her stop banging each other the night i dream oo becos early that morning it my mum call that wake me up that a priest see vision i went to the village and i confess my sin to im he told me to stay off the two woman i stay off cynthia but i no stay off my boss wife erm before i forget sef o my adijat ooo my adijat adijat (crying) oo u did a bad thing for me ooo.

When i went to the village i was told that adijat die doing abortion, am sure it me that give her belle
*winks* becos them they no about for our family, how i miss her toto, how i miss cynthia fresh punnay, her soft b0s0m, her mourn, her *winks* you know what i mean nah abi make
i use all my mouth talk finish, adijat out of the way,cynthia out Guess what happen that night my broda and sista.

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