Long lost peace episode 2

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*Episode 2*

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I was rolling with full speed which lead me in falling off the clift too, buh I was save by a tree branch that grew around the rock, while I was falling, which made me a bit relieved and give thanks to God **in my mind** I was there for almost two days without eating, drinking, nor even able to shout for help, was just there crying helplessly, hoping I would be found by my parent.

**back home to the present day**

My father came back home as usual with his food stuff, which he was puzzle when he saw my mother sitting outside, cause he knew he never saw her waiting for him before.
Dad: good evening dear
Mum: do you see my daughter?, did she go out with you?, where is she?, because have not seen her since you when out oh **she shouted**
Dad: madam, take it easy, a question at a time, and stop shouting cause am not understanding what you are saying **he responded calmly**
Mum: I said where is my daughter?
Dad: why asking me that, do you ever see me take her out with me before, even if I want to, would I not inform you
Mum: so what you are trying to say is that she is not with you, hmm?
Dad: yes
Mum: am doomed **she screamed**
Dad: take it easy now, cause am not still getting you, where is my daughter?
Mum: your daughter? or our daughter? **she said angrily**
Dad: owk, where is our daughter?
Mum: is she not who am asking if you take her out with you?
Dad: and I said no **he bark at her**
Mum: er ern I hav have not se seen her sinc since morning, after yo you we went out **she said stammering**
Dad: what!!!
Mum: yes **nw afraid**
Dad: owk, have you looked for her?
Mum: yes, almost everywhere, but I didn’t see any trace of her **she said crying**
Dad: it owk dear, stop crying, we will find her.

It been a day now which they have been looking for me **both my dad and my mum** my mother is just crying shouting my name, which my father still focus in searching for me. When I have been search for, from last night till the next morning **sleeplessly** my father advise my mother to go back home to rest, which she disagree immediately crying. So they both continue searching for me till the second day untill they reach the **marked area** which made my father said she can’t reach this place, let go back home, when my mother look her front and saw my stick which I always use in riding my tire an she shouted
Mum: look!!!
Dad: what **scared**
Mum: that her stick
Dad: which stick?
Mum: my daughter’s
**as she ran toward the stick**
Mum: she is not far from here, she must be around here **she said hopefully**
Dad: owk then, let continue searching.

They continue searching, until they are about to reach the clift, when my father ask my mum to stop, which she did.
He continue moving forward, until he reach the edge of the clift I fell off from, and saw me sleeping lifelessly **or so he think** on the broken tree branch behind the rock, Immediately he saw me, he shouted my name, which got the attention of my mother, leading her running towards him with full speed and she too now miscalculated her legs making her rolling down the clift exactly I rolled down buh she was save by my father by grabbing her hand, preventing her too to fall off the clift, when she look down the clift she too saw me Laying down the clift saved by the branch of the tree, my father save her, and in no time too I was save.

My father carried me on his back home, which I open my eyes immediately I felt water dripping onto my face. I was given food by my mother, ate, drink and take my bath, then was the only time in my whole life that I felt *being loved*
I was just looking both of my parent, which made them puzzle to ask me what was wrong, which they know I won’t be able to answer due to my dumbness. All they could do is imagine all what hapuned by their selves, even if they say they want to ask me and I should respond back by writing it down, i can’t cause am also an illiterate **can’t read nor write**

This what made my dad to make up his mind that my mother should take me to the city for treatment of my dumbness and to learn how to read and write, which my mother accepted joyfully.
To be continued…
What do u think happen next???

Was I able to get the treatment and learn on how to read and write or not !!!

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