Love against clashes episode 10

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Episode 10
Charles : who z dis
Mike: z me mike
Charles: wow long tym
Mike : yeap, u did nt even bother to call me
Charles : sorry, so many tins on my mind, so hw did u get to
know am back
Mike: na ur babe na for PH. Dat babe make sense die. Hw did
u get her.
Charles: which babe be dat
Mike: aaah dat word which, dat means dey plenty abi? Daddys
boy. So how many do u ve?
Charles: mr man, dont joke with me b4 i burst ur head. i dont
ve any babe dat stays at PH. Am even single as am talking to
u now
Mike: lolz, u no fit. Anyways u will meet her wen u c-m to PH.
Am inviting u for my weddin so no excuse just like u did @ my
birthday party. U ar in town now so am expecting u
Charles: alright, i will be der i promise
Mike: wen u arrive, i will send a driver to pick u up and take u
were i booked ah hotel room 4 u ok?
Charles: alright gat to go.
Wait, z d lady also coming
Mike : yes she will.
Charles: pls do send me her numba
Mike: she warned me never to do so
Charles: how abt her name
Mike: story for anoda day.
Charles: den am nt coming again (joking)
Mike: den consider ursef dead after my wedding.
Charles: alright, will surprise u soon
Mike bye.
****Mike was my best friend in secondary school, intelligent
and skillful, also from a rich parent. We seperated wen i went
for my education in london and we both lost contact, wow so
happy to hear from mike***
i ve to start preparing for Ph. Now i gat anoda problem who a
hell told Mike dat am back, could it be mercy or anoda gal.
Hmmmm will soon find out.
[10:07AM, 12/27/2016] Charles coolval: Episode 11
Dad and mum returned home quite late that night, we had a
late dinner together and reviewed the day’s event as we ate. I
assured dad that i would give all to the struggle. Mum remain
silent through it all. Only her ocassional smiles revealed that
she was extremely proud of me. That alone was enough
compensation for the nightmarish experience that i ve gone
through, i retired to my bed after telling mum and dad that i
would be leaving for PH to attend Mike’s wedding the following
day, ** they both knew Mike**
Dad: u didnt inform me earlier
Charles: same dad, was nt expectin him to call
Dad: ok give him our love
Mum: and dont forget to buy a wedding gift
Charles: i will. Good ngt
I retired to mine, unlike before the night , thoughts of Mercy
did not wait for the first traces of sleep to hit me. They came
at me like water gushes out of a burst water pipe. They came
quickly and fast. Had she forgotten her promise to call me?
Would i by chance see her in Ph. Z she d same gal dat Mike
was talkin about? I pray so but if d ar different wat am i going
to do? Well tmrw shall tell. I dozed off with my thoughts
shuttling like a crazy yoyo between my dad’company and the
possibility of running into Mercy at ph.

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