Love against clashes episode 13

Love against clashes episode 13

April 15, 2017 Love against clashes
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Episode 13
Two hours later i was up and under the shower again. After
dat, i took my time selecting what to wear. I decided on a
black silk suite, a wine coloured turtle tee shirt and a pair of
shiny black italian shoes. Around my neck was a simple gold
chain holding a pendent designed with my initials, as i stood
b4 d mirror staring with approval at my reflection, a call came
through from the reception, the car sent to pick me by mike
has arrived, i spent few more seconds b4 d mirror, i was really
looking my best standing tall and straight at five feet ten
inches, there was no little or no trace on my face to show that
i was 28 years old rather i thought i look younger.I took a final
look at my reflection smiled at no one in particular and quickly
sprayed on Georgio Red men’s perfume, its sweet rich aroma
preceded me as i stepped out of the hotel suite,As i stepped
into the venue of Mike’s after wedding party. The party was
already in full blast standing in clusters, drinking, eating and
chating happily. quite a number of people noticed my arrival. It
was expected, der appeared to be more ladies than men at
that party, they were all gergeously turned out and looking
quite beautiful. The few men were in high demand, i could feel
d ladies eyes following me as i walked around searching for
mike, i found him with some guests, close to where the band
was performing, he spotted me at abt d same time i did and
rose excitedly.
Mike: charles am so glad u could make it.
He folded me in his arms and slapped my back warmly.
Charles: did u give me a chioce. I returning the warm
Mike: now dat u ar here u got to get into d main stream, u ve
got to meet d boys and more importantly the girls.
Charles. U really ve nt changed a bit.
Mike. Truth is, i ve been telln everyone about u so dont be
surprise if most of the chicks around here come after u
Charles: dat wont be a problem. Hw abt d gal u were talking
abt on fone,
Mike: oops sorry dear, she sent me a text dat she cant make
it, and i shud take care of u
Charles: y ar u hiding her name from me
Mike: she says i shud
Charles: just tell me her name ok? Will kip it a secret
Mike: ok. Her name z Anita. U knw her right
Gbagam i said it anoda gal i thought while smilin
Charles: yes i knw her very well. Lied
Mike: u can still pick up anoda gal to chill out dis ngt, dont
worry i wont report u to anita ok
Charles: ok. I will work on dat
Mike: i got anoda guest to attended to, she z d daughter of
one of d richest men in lagos and she happens to come back
same tym u did. Her name z Mercy, i got 2 introduce u to her,
i tink she will do u alot of good ok.
Charles: waaat mercy.
Mike: yes any problem, do u knw her?
Charles: no yes
Mike: y d sudden change, ar u hiding anytin frm me
Charles: we discuss dat after d party z a long story, buh i
really nid to c her.
Mike : den she z all urs but very hard to get. So do play ur
cards well. Enjoy yrsef. I will be right back.


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