Love against clashes episode 5

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Episode 5

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All d while, i kept an eye out for Mercy. Happily i noticed dat s bald man had disappeared. Mercy was on her own, my chance to talk to her came as we stepped into d arrival lounge. Again i deliberately delayed leaving the customs loungeafter completing all formalities until she was right beside me, she looked even more adorableas she pushed the trolley that bore her luagage.mercy: hi charles. Waitin for some1?

Charles: yes, i was actually waiting for u

Mercy: me? What for?It occured to me that she was being deliberatelyevasive.

Charles: listen mercy, since our last discussion in the plane, i ve been dying to know who u ar and hw u came to know so much abt me.For a moment, i thought she hadnt heard my last utterance.

Mercy: i do hope there z someone here to recieve me.

Charles: u promised to talk about it when we arrive lagos. Why ar u so evasive?I saw her lips tighten like one trying to hold backan angry outburst, then she smiled.

Mercy: okay, i know i promised to talk abt it, but u can see i am in a hurry.

Charles: what abt letting me have ur contact and address. I could stop by one of these days. Then, we would have all the time to talk.

Mercy: no, i cant do dat, see am leaving for PH almost immediately. Thats were i live for now. I only visit lagos occasionally.

Charles: so wat do we do nw. I nid to see u again.I was beginning to sound desperate. I just hope she hadnt noticed it.

Mercy: i will tell u. (smiling) i will call u as soon as i get to PH

Charles: how will u do dat? Wen u dont even ve my phone numba!

Mercy: who said so?? I not only ve ur phone numba, but also have ur home address. Dont ask me how. I ve got to go nw, buh i promise u, iwill get in touch, bye my prince charming.She began to walk away.OMG. Hw z dat possible. ve never met a gal like dis b4. Hmmm, i will get to d root of dis. I beganto walk hurridly after her but stopped in my tracks as a familiar figure began to walk toward me,Tbc

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