Love against clashes episode 8

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Episode 8
Gosh who a hell z dis. It was ah unknown caller. Well i dont ve to call back cos i was very tired,i nid to sleep. I rushed to my room, took my shower and Off to bed. I was still struggling not to fall asleep without finding a solution to the problem that dad had dropped on my laps when i remembered Mercy. images of her beautiful face and alluring figure appeared larger than life before my sleepy eyes. She was smiling back @me. I stretched out my hand and caressed her dimples cheeks. She responded by kissing me playfully on d forehead. Then we were in each other arms, breathing heavily and yearning for each other. In a moment, our clothes were off, all in a rough heap beside the bed, we were abt to make hot passionate love when the first rays of dawn filtered through the thick drapes and woke me. I shut my eyes against the new day wishing d dream will continue, but no, rather, the harsh reality of my company rushed at me craziily like a car maneuvered by a drunken driver.
I had to get up, and preparing for work. I was scared menhh.
I rushed down to work. Dad introduced me to d staffs. I was really honoured as d pretty gals were eyeing me buh maintain my self. I guess no one was much more beautiful dan Mercy. Buh i got to choose some since am single. Lolz. I was taken to my office which z okay by me just nid to add some few tins.
The receptionist a young pretty lady uttered an euthusiatic gudam as soon as she saw me, she seemed to be oozing s-x appeal from every pore of her body and i could feel her eyes looking through me as we stepped into the elevator. (Open invitation)
I went to the board room to meet staffs over there, just then a huge man with the bearing of a colonial police office and eyes seasoned criminal detector, stormed the board room. Who was d visitor?
It was Mr patrick, i remember him, rather i nearly fainted. I do seen him in public functions a few times. He and dad had talked breifly. But it was all a long time ago, before the feud.

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