My encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 12

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Episode 12…
Racheak and I were the students of Government College in Bennie. We were in the same class with some other guys. Our coming together as friends was a long story while we were still in the same secondary school. That was probably the straw that threatens the back of camel, when the incident of child abuse against other student called shakiru which involved me, racheal and shakiru mentioned above. Shakiru was accused of raping racheal which made racheal said to testify that i saw shakiru doing it. I really could not do anything about it to help shakiru out because I was scare too and for the fact that racheal father was a lawyer back then. And also, because me and shakiru were after racheal. Some students and staffs found the judgement so arsh, even though everyone see shakiru as a gangster, but still thought it was unfair judgement upon him. Me and racheal were being tease altogether at school, but i stood my ground and racheal being a woman could not. As a result of such accident of teasing from other students whose forced racheal to change school. Since then, I loose her contact, not until when fate brought us together in the same university, at the same town again.
I was in 100 level, while racheal was also in 200 level, in the university of Benin when I met racheal. She was a student of criminology department, While I was studying political science. We got along very well. Some wonder how i managed to secure her mind and why she fall for me inspire of difference in level and background. The hidden side of the story was that a river that forget its fountain will one day or the other dry. I really could not say I render assistant for racheal, but jus a day favour that turned her to a doll which I found easily to play with at my own will…
I was so lucky, because she was going to take 5years for the completion of her course while I was only going to take 4years. I really could not call such a fate and incident between me and her, as a plan, but a Will from God. We had various S£xcapades until when fate separated us due to distance. We were still dating back then, but thing got complicated after being posted to difference state for our youth service. I had to give up on her when I was told by one of our schoolmate being posted to the same city with Rachael that, said she has got someone to settled own with. Even though, she refused to stated it to me clearly. but after severals attempts and pressures, she only started displayed such habit that i had no soothsayer to tell me that her mind was then belong to someone else. By and large, Yoruba popularly saying; twenty children can’t never play for twenty years… here am I, standing before my first love! My first crush!! My little African-doll back then!!!

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*******main story continues******
All of sudden, I was separated and singled out of co-inmates. She asked to put me in one very close office for interrogation. As she said and defend me to other prosecutors that she will take care of me and said;

Racheal: ***calling the attention of officer in-charge*** hey, can you put this man in one place for me?

Officer: ***looking at my face and others officers*** what do you mean ma???

Racheal: don’t worry officer; he is a well known person to me!!!!

Without much ado, I believed instantly when I saw racheal action that where I will kill you dey, is where I will rescue you dey!!!!

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