My encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 14

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Episode 14…
I guess Caterpillars live by eating leaves; they dare to live by eating flowers. From the look of a thing, Rachael to me now is just a flower in painting. A poisonous plant that I must never plan to eat in my life time if I want to live the rest of my life after the jail term am I into in peace. But the more I am trying to tell her off my side the more she is sticking herself into my way of living. What will I do when she is only way and the hard way to escape the 5 minutes of fun with opeyemi that I brought my life into.
A day never gone without racheal visited me, except weekend. Everyday she would wait behind till all the officers on duty leave the visiting room. and as they left both of us to talk and gist. We would end up kissing. It wasn’t intentionally, but there is nothing I could do about it. Since it is a way I discovered to please racheal in order to help myself out. I started giving and responded her whenever she asks for it. But it was so backward. My life to me was like a prisoner whose is inside prison and still calling pan-cake bean seller as popularly saying in Yoruba dialect. On a daily basis, Racheal would spend almost half days of her working period at Ibadan, a very hotel where I was set up in order to gather some information about oncoming appeal. Every time she is coming back during night, she would branch to Owena for a visit and brought for me any eatable foods. She was the one that made me know the normal journey hour from akure to Ibadan as she calculated it to be exactly 2hours journey if motor is not stopping on the road.
Every night became a cold day in hell. I don’t know how racheal seems to defend her working duty to her husband for allowing her returning late back to home every night. We would start kissing, immediately the officer incharged of visiting left, for the next an hour till when my trouser would soak. Only S£x we never had and that was the least she knew I would never given to her, because it could be another set up to my life, as I used that phrase to safe my remain life.
Three weeks gone by, I have met the lawyer in charged which racheal described as her husband friend and i explain everything to him without leave no stone unturn.
Opened up how opeyemi and I had S£x together. How she lured me inside. Our chatting together both on the Facebook, whatsapp and BBM not exceptional.
It remains just three days to the day schedule for appealing. I was told by racheal that the appeal is to be carried out at abuja as she claimed that it is only place she should be able to have enough people stand at our back at the expense of his father influence. She promised to meet me the following day as she said to bring other witnesses and the lawyer along. Officers and i started the journey early in the morning on February 21, 2016 which was on Sunday and appeal was on Monday 22nd. We reached Nigerian Prison Service National Headquarter around 6:00pm, located at Ring Road 4, Abuja. When we dropped off from van, Hausa soldiers came over held me from behind and started dragging me inside. I nearly lost consciousness. When we reach a particular cell. Two of then just raised me up and shoved me inside the cell like a pack of biscuit. I stayed with some other 5 inmates who were also waiting patiently for their judgement day.
******The following day inside the high court, in Abuja******
I brought forward to the podium by the officers. I sited racheal at far end to the right corner of the lawyer’s chair, as one of prosecutors in-charge of the case***raised her hand up and calming my nerve****. I was totally nervous and nearly died off. This is only chances I have left. Any abortive step with this approach, I spend the rest of the next seventeen and half years in jail. My hand was shaking and my brain tumor filled up with a lot of thought that I would never be able to convert to words, even if I have to. My lawyer took over his sit while the victims’[chief kukoyi family] lawyer the step up towards me. And the judge started the review about the last judgment before usual interrogation for the settlement of appeal;

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judge: mr. jerry, exactly two and half years you were brought to the court for the killing of chief kukoyi, if I am right.

Me: yes sir.

Judge: among the evidences that prove that you are the defendant who teamed up with some consortiums to instigate the murder of chief kukoyi are your; ID card, CCTV inside the hotel, and finally your thumbprint on the knife used to kill the chief, as well as one of hotel attendant that testified against you as an intruder using the other person’s facilities and amenities without paying for it. To mention but few… am I right?

Me: yes sir…

Judge: the aforementioned points shown that you guilty, but for sake of your appealing, do you have any objection or not?

Me: I am object, my lord… with full explanation.

Judge: at this junction, what do you have to defend yourself against these obvious allegations as to settle your appeal to this case?

Me: my lord… I will, therefore, ask for my lawyer to speak on my behalf.

*******my lawyer step forward*******

I thought two heads are better than one truly. No one ever imagined that there were a significant difference between the CCTV brought against me exactly two and half years until when lawyer pinpoint the areas that made the case look like set up as well…

Lawyer; without wasting much of our time my lord. I will request for the TV and DVD player to review the CCTV presented to the court over two years ago. It seems false and fabricating my lord.

**** Video player and TV were brought out and the cassette player was slotted inside the video player**** Lawyer continues;

Lawyer: by compare the hair style of my client and the person this is inside CCTV are not the same. picture of my client took that day and the person that was inside that CCTV turning his back onto CCTV have no correlation my lord.

*****opposition lawyer objected immediately********

Opposed lawyer: ****objection my lord*** we can’t look at the picture to jump into conclusion that they are not teamed up to kill chief my lord.

Lawyer: that day, my client was lured into the hotel by one of the workers who are in the hotel which made my client to pass a night at the hotel without paid for it at the expense of the safety for my client. This enhances the so-called opeyemi to make the scene for my client as a person who kills chief kukoyi.

Opposed lawyer: ****objection**** because all the evident pointed to him as well…….

Judge: please, control your temper, lawyer!!!!

Opposed Lawyer: sorry, my lord!!!!!

Lawyer: without preamble, I will ask for permission of other witnesses who saw how my client was being frame by opeyemi, the lady that was working inside the hotel, and who by any chance lured my client for the murder.

Judge: request granted…….

Lawyer: I hereby request for the eyewitness and the hotel cleaner, Mr. John Olufemi and Mrs. Mathew to testify to this court.

At the mentioned of john, i was startled. My heart almost erupted like a volcano. All of sudden, my mind flashed back to the period, when I, snakie, john & co. watching Chelsea match against Everton whose john and other guys introduced themselves to me as snakie’s friends… and the day of Liverpool match that we drank together, and that night which mark the last night of the incident. Then my head popped up about snakie?

He was the one that drawn this pattern…..

He was the one that introduced me to opeyemi initially ….

He was probably, the sole person who tipped opeyemi against me… if I am right?

And, why my mind just scaled off snakie out the whole drama. I must be fool to fall victim all these years when i have just a singled person like snakie who can identify opeyemi whereabouts.

Who can unleash the map designed by her….

Truly, snakie is also part of the main character, the director and the event planner of this movie!!!

Where the hell could SNAKIE be????

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