My encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 15

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Episode 15….
If mountain is high and wide, its shadow must also big and deep. These sentences could be referred to the situation I found myself over two and half years ago. There are many shocking issue in the world. One would merely be shaken with whatsoever one is facing. Yoruba popularly say; what happened to a rich whose make him crying. If it happens to pamper, he would be rather forgotten. What happened to me which resulted to the fact that fate has been hidden me all the while. Never knew someone has been swallowed by it. John was asked to step up the podium and that what became the revelation of new story no one would ever thought as he began his speech like a million letter;

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My lawyer: mr. John, are you a christian or muslim?

John: i am a christian sir!

****A bible was placed before john and lawyer asked him to place his right hand on it****

My lawyer: ***mr john, please say this after me**** i so so person!

Me: i, john oluwafemi,

My lawyer: swear before lord and human that whatsoever i am going to say here wil be nothing but true.

Me:everything i am going to say here today will be the fact that I witness without any addition or blemish. May oh! Lord bless me.
My Lawyer: what is your relationship with the defender(Mr. Jery) and penetrator(opeyemi) Mr john?

John: I can’t fully say jerry, snakie and I are friend, but ‘They say if you live together, become alike’… means snakie sometimes watched football together along with other guys in the neighbourhood. He is just an area friend to us. We talked and shared some secret together. He moved to our area over 6months, before he introduced us to jerry.

Opposition lawyer: ****objection my lord**** permission to ask witness a vital question sir???

Judge: permission granted!!!!

Opposition lawyer: Mr. John Oluwafemi… I hope you are not paid to create wrong alibi as a witness of chief kukoyi???

John: nothing like that ever happened Sir.

Opposition lawyer: my lord, we need to state to Mr. John how this court of law against any wrong testify and the punishment that attract with such act, sir! My lord.

Judge: thank you, attorney for your concern. Mr. John, this court will lay severe punishment if information you are to provide for this court of law later find to be falsehood information. Are you confident to continue???

John: yes sir, I am confident my lord!!!

****I was scared and at the same time being marvel to the confident john display for not ready to quit even though judge warned him of his saying to the case**** I sighted racheal in the corner urging john to continue and put his mind at rest. Truly, a dog that has somebody at his back will surely kill monkey****

Judge: you can continue the interrogation barrister…

My lawyer: thank you my lord!

****court clerk jotting something down on paper, I think the legal who which may be laced on john for any false info**”

My lawyer: mr. John, since when have you known Mr. Jerry??

John: 2 months earlier before his entangle with opeyemi…

My lawyer: how do you know opeyemi?

John: she was a girl that was working as a waitress. Talk of devil, i knew snakie once tried to woo opeyemi, but she declined. He later introduced ope to jerry.

My lawyer: for how long, opeyemi and jerry have been together???

John: on sunday… 15th february, exactly two and half years ago, we were watching liverpool match. That was the first time i saw ope and jerry talked to each other. That was probably the day snakie, one of our friend introduced Jerry to us, but prior to that time, I sometime spotted jerry sitting alone at hotel pavilion.

My lawyer: what have you discovered so far between ope and jerry??

John: i don’t know much, but on Saturday, February 22nd… we were watching match Chelsea vs Everton together and i saw jerry walked into hotel after the match. I did know what he went to do there. That was the time i saw jerry last…

My lawyer: thanks so much mr. John. But, less i forget, how about your friend that introduced ope to jerry. Where is he now??

Opposition lawyer: ****cut-in**** objection my lord. It seems barrister peter is putting too much emotion into his question my lord.

Judge: barrister Petter, kindly controls your emotional feeling towards this case. The court won’t allow such behavior and this may place unrespectable judgment in the end.

My lawyer: thanks you my lord! And my lord, there are someone who is among the plot but yet to be mentioned sir. There was a guy that introduced jerry , my defendant here to the girl that partake In the story, I would like if you can give me order to ask mr. John whereabouts the person, perhaps he might know much about the so called opeyemi which is the main character of this case, My lord!!!

Opposition lawyer:****cut in*** objection my lord! We have one of culprit here in our midst. If proper punishment should be inflict on mr. Jerry. He would tell us whereabouts his accomplish my lord.

Judge: thank you and take you sit, Attorney micheal.

Opposition lawyer: thank you my lord!!!!

Judge: mr. Jerry.

Me:****scared**** in low tone; sir!!!

Judge: I am asking you for the last time. What do you know about thr girl called opeyemi and where is she? Additionally, who are those people involved in the killing of kukoyi???

Me:****in a nearly crying voice*** sir, I am innocent sir. I don’t know much about opeyemi, except when he was introduced to me by snakie.

Judge: who is snakie????

Me: he is a guy I met at hotel. He is the one that introduced opeyemi to me my Lord.

Judge: ****turned into john direction**** mr john,

John: yes my lord!

Judge: do you wnt to shield more light to this case????

John: yes my lord!!!!

Judge: where is snakie, how can we find him???

***At the hearing of where can we find snakie, john started sobbing. He voice is trailing of as he bent his head inward and crying inside. Everyone inside court was marveled and socked by his action and why will he be crying. As he raised his head up and was about to speak, the tears starts flowing down his face****

John:*****sobering and at the same time shivering, while tears are flowing down to cheeks****** heeeem hheeem!

My lawyer: pls, mr. John. You need to explain what you know so far if you want to shield more light to this case. Pls!

John:*****crying***** heeeeeemmmm, snakie has met his waterloo on that same night????

Me: ***wwwhhhaaatttttt??????*”*

yeeeeeeh, my joy of liberty is truly half eclipsed!!!!!

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