My encounter with a waitress episode 22

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Episode 22…
Racheal: if you done with your questions. I want take off my clothes****turned her back on me and went inside***

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****Many things were running through my mind. I remembered how i got in accident with opeyemi since last 2 and half years ago!!! I remembered how I have lost hope since those period!!! This made me concluded that in today world, those who are skillful will never be able to win against those who are Lucky!!! In order to succeed in a society, you need a good connection!!!! *****I took eyes surveying the lavish and exotic things that put inside the building racheal living in and imagined the designed of building**** sighed… the road to become rich is to be born rich!!!! Even though, my mom usually said to me when I was young that ‘if you do your best, good thing will happen to you. as long as you love. You will be happy with doing everything’!!!!****

******after 3minutes, racheal came over to sitting room and thrown a pajama for man into me.******

Racheal:****smiling***** you can change your clothe and wear that…

Me:******just imagine while she is smiling**** oh! Thanks!

Why this girl never ready to wake up from her dream right from owena cantonment???

Does she want to send me back to where I jspust came back now???

How will she feel if someone is sleeping with her husband???

I think it is time I let her know that I have learnt my lesaon…!!!!

It is time I take control on my libido… fool after 2 and half years jail term and barely escaped 20 years prison period is totally a fool forever!!!!

******as I was immerse in m thinking, a young lady came in from entrance***”

Young lady:*****kneewdown*** good evening sir!!!

Me: oh welcome!!!

Racheal:****came to sitting from master room!**** where have you been???

Young lady:***went down on her knees again*** sorry ma! I went i to Cathedral to get some groceries. Sorry ma!!! I never thought yo e back to soon….

Racheal:****shout*** get up on your feet and go cook for us now!!!

Halina:****rush down to ground flooor where chicken located*** alright ma!

Racheal:****seat beside me**** I knew many thing are running through you mind!! I took you to my house because it is safe here than outside there. If I wish to desire something I would desire to return back to those moment we were together. After I left you, realised that I can never get enough of you even though we lived together for 4years.

Me:****sighed*** gods are not to blamed. Those are in past now!!!!

Racheal: I wish to bring them back to present …

Me: racheal, you can’t. You have got married to someone else. You now belong to another planet! Please, I beg of you…

Racheal:****boosted into laughter*** I will never ask you to understand me. You are charming when you are like that!

Me: are you hidden something from me???

Racheal: ****serious*** not really, but if I tell you that my heart hurt. A scar formed over my wound. Even if I tell you, my wound won’t heal.

Me:****sighed*** and it is a kind of scar you can’t tell me???

Racheal: i will tell you if your mind become bland. Because I see you with too many worries now. If you are like that who would console me???

*****maid brought food and we ate in silent. After we finished eating, it already 10:04pm and I was feeling sleeping****”

Me: racheal, can I take my bath now???

Racheal: sure!!! Enter room, you will see bathroom****pointing to her master room****

Me:*****in a crack voice**** you mean your bedroom? What of visitor room???

Racheal:****raised eyebrow**** are you a visitor??? Go inside there and take your bath joh!

****I located the bathroom inside the master bedroom. I took Off my clothes, stared at mirror and started recollected what had happened so far, while shower water was flowing down my body from top roof going down my feet*****
How snakie introduced me to opeyemi… in the hotel that night!!!!!
How opeyemi played me through those periods!!!!
How we had S£x together in various styles, those I knew and those I never knew before!!!
How I got hit on the head and found myself tied on the chair!!!!!
How I was sentence to 20 years imprisonment!!!
How I was seriously got beat up in my first day at agodi prison garden!!!!
How some inmates wanted to force me having oral S£x!!!!
How I later found myself at owena military cantonment in akure!!!
How I met racheal… my long Africa doll…!!!!

Me:****speaking to myself*** opeyemi, you have been living clothed over two years and half, it is time I make you go naked!!!

****I started making escape plan in my mind, on how to nab opeyemi****
What step to employ and how I will go about it!!!!!
Thinking of a place she might have gone for hidding since that night!!!!
Thinking of those she employed to carry out the operation!!!!
Trying to figure how they are connected to those people that sent message to snakie!!!!

As I was busy with my bath while my mind preoccupied with what had happened and how to bring the culprits before law. I heard the bathroom door opened. And when I turned my head into the entrance, I saw racheal stood unclad before me. Immediately, *****oh! You startled me; was all i could manage to say***** my eyes travelled down beneath her legs. I saw a well shaved hairy punany ‘shining and inviting’!!!

Me:*****my heart froze all of sudden and started beating fast****

****chai, racheal finally bury me alive!!!****

Racheal:*****giggling while holding bathroom sliding frame***** fimihan, do you like what you see??

Me:*****crack voice**** wwwwhhhhaaatttt????


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