My encounter with a waitress episode 23

My encounter with a waitress episode 23

March 4, 2017 My encounter with a Waitress
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Episode 23…
****They say it is fate if you coincidentally meet three times. I don’t believe in fate. I only choose with my heart! But the more I think about it, the more I felt connected to the fate that is bringing me and racheal together! From secondary to university and finally this period again. They say there is nothing free in this word, but love is free!! Today I felt like find answer to what anyone ever paid attention****

Me:****quickly took my clothe and used it to cover my john-thomus*** you can’t be here like this racheal…please!!!!!****turned my back into her****

Racheal****held me from behind**** what if I want to??? Am I at lose end??

Me:****struggling with her harms around my waist**** yes, you are!!!

Racheal: why??

Me: to me, right now, you are just a Cinderella I see in drama! I don’t want to shoot a drama, and i don’t have time to shoot one with you. From now on, I want to busy living my life too…

Racheal:****still holding me**** i am being rejected fimihan???

Me:*****frankly speaking**** yes racheal… we can’t do this. You married!

Racheal: how sure with what you have just said???

Me:****turned my head onto her face*** tell me am wrong???

Racheal: ***realised me*** can I ask you something???

Me:****looking straight into her eyes*** go ahead!!!

Racheal:****raised her hands over the back of my neck**** tell me the meaning of “best house”

Me: best house???

Racheal: yes dear!!! Explain it to me!!!

Me: well, to me, best house is not only all about construction. But a kind of house that make people living in there happily. Weather small or big, but to make family living happily there, …is the best house!!!

Racheal:****smiling*** evem though thin house is so lavish and exotic in this area. It lacks happy home. I want to build such best house with you fimihan****

Me:***”shocked**** are you alright??? Why me?? Why not your husband???

Racheal: **** she started crying*****

Me:****consoling her**** stop this, you are making me feel embarrass!!! Tell me what is there… he is cheating on you??? Where is he???? Has he got married to another woman???

Racheeal:*****crying profusely**** if he is doing all these aforementioned. As you know that I can still tolerate him???

Me:****so, where is he And your baby!???

Racheal: he is dead!!!!***”leaned on my shoulder and crying profusely*****

Me:****shocked*** what happened to him!???

Racheal: exactly five years ago, I met him while serving. He came to address us as a corper and from there he collected my contact and we started moving together and because we belong to same filed and because I saw him as a stepping stone to my own dream coming true as a prosecutor. He would come pay me a visit all the way from akure to river state. The effort he put into the love made me go for him and left you those years. That was while I said I was sorry back that I could not explain to you since I left you so cold. Exactly three years ago, our love improved beyond measure and we got married. Today made it two year and three month that we both went for prosecutor meeting for the enrolment of my seal as a prosecutor. I have been attending the meeting alone, but he has to be there as one of the prosecutors that recommend me a qualified one in that field. That day marked the last day I saw him last. He has to drop some document at the high court in Abuja. So, he went alone and said I should go back to home because of condition I was. as I was told by reporter, they said he accidentally fell into sleeping while driving and got hit by luxurious bus that was coming from benue. He was died and not only died, his body was totally ripped off that he hardly been identified. Surprisingly, he has submitted my documents that I wanted to use to collect the seal. When I was told by reporter, I went blank. Only to wake up three days after in the hospital… the most shocking of it all is that I have due for three months pregnant. So sad I lost my pregnant when I woke up. At least I should have kept his child for him. I could not keep the child. I could not protect the child. Both left me in a cold day in hell and I could not do anything about it. A scar formed on my heart since then until I came across you at owena. I could not help it but make his dream as me becoming a prosecutor come true.
**************main story continue***************

Racheal: ******started crying profusely******

Me:***moved closer to her**** sorry racheal. I never knew!!!

Racheal: ****still crying out aloud***

Me: ***consoling her*** please stop crying dear. You know I love you ever since. Since you like this throw me off balance. I have wished you well since I could not see you. I just want you to live happily.

Racheal:***cleaning the face*** thanks dear!!!

After a while, we slept together. I wish I give him what she is asking for but my mind could not just escape from the scene created by opeyemi. I wanted to try my best for her but my body continues to betray me. I gave him kissing and disrobed the night gown off her body leaving her unclad while her right and left chamber continue to staring at me in nostalgia. She also was staring at me, all of sudden I became a dump and clueless like alice in wonderland. My mind was continue to flashback the incident between me and opeyemi those moment. The moment I find it difficult to forget. She noticed my motionless act and broke the silent.

Racheal: ***sigh*** I suggest we sleep jerry.

Me: ***took a deep breath*** logging my mout unto her and start giving the kiss.

She responded and the kissing last for about 15minutes. I trace my hand down her punnay and start caressing the surface. After like two minutes, her punanay was start dripping down the precum. She held my back so close and use her left her to hold my john-thomus and then deep it inside her. I start moving up and down while my body was vibrating which depict the sign of cum. She was screaming huuuu, haaaa… give it to me jerry, give it to me. I have missed you so much. After like 4minute I cum. She tried to put me in mood again but on no avail my body responds to the action. Pleasure and pressure cannot just stay together in one place. After too many trying, she later let it go and we slept off that night.
The following morning, after the breakfast we sat together and she startasking me in which she can render assistance to catch opeyemi and what plan do I have.


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