My encounter with a waitress episode 24

My encounter with a waitress episode 24

March 8, 2017 My encounter with a Waitress
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Episode 24….
Racheal: jerry, what to do about that give. Have you thought of a place she could be?

Me: I could not think of any place.

Racheal: what do you intend to do??

Me: I have a plan.

Racheal: so, what is that?

Me: there is a girl I met through opeyemi that day. Though I never introduce myself to the girl but I got to know they studied together in the same school.

Racheal: how do you now intend to use the girl to catch her.

Me: I will open another facebook page. Iwill send friend request to the girl in another person image. And that is where you are needed.

Racheal: do you think she can fall for that?? And do you think she is still be in touch with opeyemi??

Me: I am not sure if they are still in touch, but I will move use the girl instead of using myself.

Racheal: I don’t think that can work out.

Me: how do you mena?

Racheal: you the facebook will show that you jus join the facebook and if the pictures are not many the girl might not accept the request.

Me; there is a way to do that. I will upload as many as picture within a week.

Racheal: What of the year you join facebook that will show beneath the facebook page?

Me: that one is simple. The years that appears at the bottom of the facebook normally show the number of your school attended, working experience place, date of birth, and others. if I be able to add more thing that contain more years on my profile. It will show those years beneath and no one won’t be able to know I jus open the facebook page.

Racheal: that is good idea sah. So, what do you need?

Me: I need a laptop to connect my phone to.

Racheal: let me get you one.

I connected my phone to her laptop and copy all my contacts on her laptop and other necessary data that might be useful. I wipe-off my phone and re-copy all the contacts and data back to my phone. I re-install some application and open another facebook page with another woman’s name as a user. I signed on the facebook and add some known guys to my facebook page, but that would never believe I was the one adding them. Within a jiffy, some start inbox me saying: “hi sweetheart, nice meet you, can we see” and that types of guys’ stuffs start plying my message page and my wall. ***guys and their stupid behaviors na*** I search the girl name and was about to find her. I check my wall on my personal facebook page before I went to prison. I saw some many posts on my wall asking by friends about wherever I might be. I search for opeyemi name on my wall. She has deleted her facebook page. My mind was ok, since I was able to find her friend. A week passed by, then I sent friend request to opeyemi friend as a female friend. After 24hours she accepted the request. When I log on the facebook and discovered that she accepted the request. I then sent a message to her. And inform racheal about the latest development;

Me: racheal, she has accepted the request…

Racheal: wooooo!!! that is a good step. So, what do we do now?

Me: I will give you new number you will be using to talk to her whenever she feels like talking to me.

Racheal: how?

Me: I will be chatin with her and you will the only person to be talking to her on phone. Since she will be feeling like she is chating with woman. You will also have access to my facebook page to know what we are saying everyday.

Racheal: good!!! So, how to use her to catch opeyemi?

Me: after a while, I will share opeyemi picture with some words to follow like…”my friend of life, remember the time we were together in school, missed you so much”

Racheal: hmmmm…. That nice, but do you still have ope picture?

Me: I still have like five with me.

Racheal: what if opeyemi see the pic and try to do background study before we move? Don’t you think opeyemi might have opened another facebook.

Me: I know she is definitely using facebook with anonymous name, but I will control who sees the picture I share or upload and provided I wont tag her friend.

Racheal: ok!!!

Me: thanks dear***we exchanged kissing***

Racheal: ***came out for air*** so, how to catch ope through the girl now?

Me: ok dear, this is my plan. After she might fall for picture and all that, I know she will ask me for my department since she also as well studied at moshood abiola polytechnic. But I will only tell her I was at the department of accountancy back then. So after we might have been talking, I will now ask her if she is still getting in touch with her [opeyemi} and if the answer is yes. The, I will ask her if she can connect us together or better still, if she can help me give her a gift because I just came back from southy{south Africa} and I would like to give her gift… because my formal facebook is not the one am using now because I lost the password a longtime ago.

Racheal: oooooh! That sounds good!!! Women like free thing na… lolz

Me: thanks dear!

Racheal: but what to do with the gift then? Because, I don’t think that is somehow enough to catch culprit like opeyemi and co

Me: I have placed an order from jumia that I need android car tracker!!!

Racheal: enh ehn, so you wanna dash out a car?? Have you got one??

Me: ***laughing*** car ke? The device is working with any attachable something.

Racheal: hmmmmm….. ok! What is now your gift dear???

Me:***smiling*** I have ordered two Italian bags and two Italian shoes worth 10euro each and two car trackers join for each bags…

Racheal: ***surprised*** oooooh! That is too much money. Wooow, how you know women like bags and shoe??? Hmmmmm, oluwafimihan….

Me: whattt?

Racheal: ***giggling*** I guess one shoe and bag for me too that is why you ordered two pairs each???

Me: nope dear……. Smiling!! One for bait and one for target! And one tracker for each as well…. You know if I give just one pair for each, the girl might not deliver the gift to opeyemi.

Racheal: hmmmm…. Good idea. But how to use that tracker to get them then??

Me: once it attach to the bags. I will find the location of bags through Google search on my android phone… irrespective of the location of culprit either inside the ground or outside.

Racheal: hmmmmmm…. Jerry, I am now sacred of you. You are now a smooth criminal.

Me: you can say that again dear!!!

****Lived with gangsters for two and half years has made me half-gangster***


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