My encounter with a waitress episode 25

My encounter with a waitress episode 25

March 11, 2017 My encounter with a Waitress
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Episode 25…
To short the long story, soon I and adeola, oepyemi’s friend began sharing a message and call not exceptional through racheal. It took me exactly a month after series of chating and calls, and even tried to pinpoint that I graduated from moshood abiola polytechnic which make her to blow the barrier of outsider that friend normally felt while chatting with unknown person of facebook. For she believe we are from same school afterall. Sometime when she inbox me on my messnager, she does referred to me as alumni.
****they say if you wanna be a player, you gotto learn how to play the game*****
Whenever she drop a word on facebook or post a picture, even if she share somebody status, I will be the first to drop a comment or like the status. This prompted her to be conscious of my posting by like it and comment as well as they say that give and take are the fundamental of business. Just like a tally’s man of India, I connected her with opeyemi issue like the way I opined to post a picture. It is bin two days since I postd the pix, only the comment from guy I could see. but I waited patiently and praying silently for her to enter the hook and become a bait to catch opeyemi. I never got a job to do. I was still at home while racheal go to work in the day; I will be the only one at home with driver and maid sometime. I have got a several texts from my boos at my working place to return back to office but I asked him to keep my coming back confidential. And promised to be back to work the moment I am able to bring the real culprit before law. Who would believe me if I yet to prove myself right. I would only become the centre of attraction at the office and a person to be watched out from any criminal offences.
On the third day, racheal just called me with so much worry in her voice. My heart nearly fell with the way he asked me to check my messenger that adeola just called to check her facebook message that she has just drop a message for her and why she nevr check the facebook since moring. She said adeola wanted to continue to talk to her but she declined and claimed that she dey at party and noise is too much and she doesn’t want people to be uncomfortable with her call. And she won’t reply her through facebook messenger in a jiffy. When she called I quickly switch-on my data and logged of facebook. I saw three messages: when I opened the messages, I saw adeola message and some other useless two guys that wan to date woman on facebook. I quickly logged on adeola and ignored the nonsensical messages of those two guys. I saw her online and her message read:

Adeola:***message*** don’t tell me you know iyalode gbogbo bizgirl??

Me:****shocked*** murmuring: who is she referring to as iyalode gbogbo bizgirl??

I tried to check my notification. I saw her comment on my picture in my notification page saying…***”adeoye adeola just comment on your photo, 2hours ago”****

I logged on the picture and I saw her comment saying….*****woooow! gbogbo bizgirl**** I quickly returned to message page and inbox her.

Me: ****messaging her**** yea, That is my friend of life!!!

****a minute after she reply back though messenger*******

Adeola: eeeeeeehnnn… she is my friend as well.

Me:****sent surprised emoticon***

Adeola: yes na!!!

Me: you won’t believe if I tell you that I have wanted to get intouch with her all this time but she is always out of my reach.

Adeola: eeeeeyah!!!!

Me: I even tried to find her on facebook and on no avail I can find her. Don’t jus knw what might have happened to her.

Adeola: nothing really happened to her. She is doing fine. She is now married with kid…

Me:****surprised: married with kid?? Ope is a smooth killer. So, she can marry after making me like this?*** oh! That is good of her.

Adeola: thanks alumni. Our own time is so close too

Me: amen oooo****sent a picture of the bags i brought from jumia her***

Adeola: what picture is this? ****referring to the picture I sent to her***

Me: that is the bag I have planned to give her since I cameback from southy. Now that she has kid, I which I help her get kid stuff join it.

Adeola: wooow! It is a nice design.

Me:****she entered hook*** I have two of it left sah. If you don’t mind I will give you a pair.

Adeola: really???

Me: yea!! What are we friend for??

Adeola: how will I see you? Because I will like to go badagry this weekend, then I can help you give it to her.

Me: ***shocked*** oooh, do you mean ope is now in badagry??

Adeola: yea…

Me: so, where are you right now?

Adeola: I am at Abeokuta now. But I dey do waitress work at zino hotel international in badagry courtesy of opeyemi husband influence. Just came home for weekend! So, where are you?

Me: ***hmmmm… partner in crime. All of you dey work in hotel*** I dey akure for my brother marriage. I should be back to lagos tomorrow.

Adeola: ok! I will try to connect you on Monday.

Me: ok! And what is the work of opeyemi’s husband?

Adeola: I don’t really know that, but he is the shareholder of whispering palms resort. I heard from opeyemi that he is traveler, just going from Dubai to Hongkong and all that. They both do trvel together sah. But they are at Nigeria for now.

Me; Heeeeeeen!!! ***compose myself*** ope has hit jackspot ni yen ooo…. Where can one find her now?

Racheal: eeeeeemmm! You can find her at whispering palms resort atleast during weekend like tomorrow which is Sunday. But their house is around akora estate.

Me: whatttt???

Adeola: why??

Me: nothing, I just imagine the price pay to enter whispering palms resort hotel. I heard my friend said to enter you pay amount worth 25k

Adeola: even more than that. But my friend in money, already. Such amount is not her problem again and they are even among the shareholders. I don’t think they are paying for a visit resort.

Me: plesea adeola, I gotto to go. Chat with you later.
Adeola: hope there is no problem?

Me: not at all.

Adeola: ok! Till Monday, bye…

Me: no p, bye!!!***logging out of facebook***

Me:***dialing racheal phone no*** connecting!!!

Racheal: ***on phone*** hello dear…

Me: ***hussy voice*** hello, where are you now?

Racheal:***hmmmmm*** I just go to cathedral now, want to buy something to eat for weekend. What happened?

Me: ***hussy voice***come home right away. Don’t buy anything…

Racheal: ***frightening*** why??

Me: I have just got where opeyemi is right now?

Racheal: ***surprised*** whhhaaattt???

Me: ***tension*** we need to get going now cause she likely to move from there.

Racyheal: I am on my way now get whatsoever we might likely need.


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