My encounter with a waitress episode 7

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Episode 7
A week passed by, and there is no green light. I could only be given a pasta and one shachet of water once a day. I become ossify within that period of week as a result of constant starving. No information from anyone, no new development. I didn’t even know was goin out there after me. On monday, I was brought to visitor cell, Partition with glass and metal, to meet my lawyer. . For the preparation of court.
Lawyer: I am barrister collin. I am in charge of your case. May I meet you sir?
Me: I am jerryto Jeremiah.
Lawyer: I was assigned by the people of your working place, precisely your boss.
Me: thanks to him
Lawyer: I have little information about you. I would like to know how the incident occurred. We only have 15 minutes to talk together.
Me: but why? 15 minutes is too small.
Lawyer: your case is a critical one, you are considered to be a murder and you could only be given limited time to have your last say before the day of judgement.
Me: well, I don’t know anytin about the incident. I was invited into hotel by a woman that is working there.
Lawyer: what is an affiliation you have with her?
Me: we are just a friend. She invited me to come after I watched the match finished that night. And ask me to sleep over because it getting dark already.
Lawyer: are you fight with someone or may be you are after a certain post?
Me: nope, someone broke into the hotel that night and hit me metal on head. That is all I can remember.
Lawyer: where is the woman that invited you to the place?
Me: she is working there.
Lawyer: how you guys met?
Me: every time I was at the pavilion hostel she always like to talk to me. That is how I get to know her.
Lawyer: are you dating her?
Me: nope?
Lawyer: where is she?
Me: that is what I am about to ask. I don’t know where she is and what might have likely happen to her up till this moment. I hope you can walk to the place and asked her what really happen.
Lawyer: they are not allow anyone to talk hotelier or anyone working there. Not until court day.
Me: why?
Lawyer: I don’t konw, perhaps they don’t want anyone to influence them. According to my point of view. If I may ask; what do you suggest might be goin on?
Me: I don’t know. I am not the one kill senator kukoyi. I think someone is tryin to set me up.
lawyer: really?
Me: yea, I guess…
Lawyer: Less I got, May we meet any of your parent?
Me: they are not in this city?
Lawyer: tell us where are they perhabs we would be able to meet them in person.
Me: I am sorry.
Lawyer: what?
Me: I mean I can’t do that.. Shikena***
Lawyer: do you know the nature of your case?
Me: ***i stood up***what my case got to do with my parent.
Lawyer: the information ingot show that your mother is a Yoruba got married to your father who atre Igbo. Where are they???
Me: you really want to know??
Laywyer: yea… for your own good!!!!

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Me: OK! They are gone …

****a minute of silent following the conversation*****
Lawyer: I am sorry for that!!!!
Me: it is alright…
****an officer in-charge walked in****
Officer: The time already lapsed lawyr…

****The guy came over to take me inside the cell.*****

After that day, The arrangement has been made before the court day and lawyer has come over 3 times again, to tell me new development how the case would be tackle and what required from the convict. He said the lawyer and prosecutor will be only those that would be allow to talk. While convicted will kept shot. I don’t bother about the day since I was told that ope might likely come over to testify. I am happy she is alive. I hope she will come over to be my witness.

***A day to the day judgment***

I was taking a nap after pasta and water. It is becoming national food for prisoner now. Someone just open my cell. I wonder who would that be. ***surprise*** ope emerged from darkness. I got surprised and quickly stoop on my feet. She broke into laughter and said,” we should be free soon”
Me: ***my face feel with sadness***how?
Ope: the judgment day is tommorw. Don’t you knw?
Me: yea, I know. But am afraid.
Ope: don’t be. All will be over tomorow.
Me: over?
Ope: yea over, game over. I missed you! Don’t you missed me?
Me:***silence***i don’t know
Ope: common… I missed the way u held me last time, I missed how made me feel importance. I missed being by your side. I missed you coming to our lodge every night. I missed this…***and she holds my di¢k***
***i dont knw what is happening again. All i know is that i was not the one controlling myself. I looked down at my ‘john-thomus’ and it hard**** Immediately, I forgot I was inside Prison. My di¢k jacked up, I grabbed her bumbum and I even forgot to ask her how many time we have left to talk. I just wana do crazy thing too, cause women like that too.

****Chai, womannnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! Carry prison enter prison for prisoner who dey inside prison to put his prisoner inside her own prison*****

Hmmmm… like kitty, like prison!!!!

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