My first trip to Abuja and Zaria episode 3

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The time was 6:15 am and the first bus hasn’t left yet, although it was filled with passengers. The second bus I sat in was almost full. The man selling tickets to those who did not buy ticket on time was in the third bus selling.
Few minutes later after the bus was filled, a man came to arrange our bags. He told us all to come down, so that he could fix the bags under the seats. We did as we were told, obeying his words like loyal servants.
He started arranging it one after the other, each time he carried a bag, he would always ask who owns it then ask for money. It got to a point when he held a heavy bag.
“Who get this big bag?”, he asked as he wiped off the sweat, on his forehead with his left finger.
“Na me get am”, said the Yoruba woman walking fast towards him.
“Madam you go bring 1000 naira for the bag o”, he said to the woman throwing his face away.
“Ah!, e too much na”, said the Yoruba woman unhappily.
“Too much ke, shey you no know say person no dey carry load when im wan travel. Abeg answer me I get other things wey I go do”, he said as he squeezed his face.
“Oga wetin sef, I don pay for seat”, said the Yoruba woman with a little bit anger.
“When you know say you go carry load, why you no go hire bus, abeg when you done ready come call me”, he said as he left there and went to another place.
People around talked to the woman to beg him, they advised her to give him something, that he would accept even if it’s 300 naira.
The woman accepted and she called the man back. He came frowning his face like some poo. She begged him, then gave him 300 naira which he collected and forcefully pushed it roughly into his fat pocket, which already had money inside –His two pockets were very fat–.
After he was done loading the bags underneath the seats and the boot, he told us to enter so that he could load the remaining bags and close the door.
We all started entering according to our numbers, I sat back on my seat and a beauty lady sat beside me –She was very beautiful, in-fact if she’s not older Than me, I for reason am oo, I swear–. The Yoruba woman sat beside the beautiful lady.
I sat down happily talking to my elder sister, who was close to the window side where I sat. We talked about things a little and other stuffs too.
The time was now 7:30am and the first bus had left. Our driver came and was ready to move, then a man came close to the window side where the Yoruba woman sat, he prayed for us –Which is a normal thing they do, when people are about to move on their journey–. I told my sister good bye, as the engine kicked off for the adventurous journey, then we left.
The driver, didn’t switch on the air condition immediately we left because he wasn’t having enough fuel in his fuel-tank. He drove to an NNPC fuel station, which was far away from the park.
After buying the fuel and over filling his tank, he entered and we drove on. When we got to Ojota, the car started misbehaving, so he switched off the ac for a while.
He later turned it on again, 35 mins after he noticed that the car was back to normal. At that time, we were close to Ibadan and I was typing “Angels story” with my phone –I write stories, jokes and write ups anytime I’m free-.
The bus started running slow and couldn’t run again when we got to Ibadan. Lucky for us, were had just passed “THE YOUNG SHALL GROW” Ibadan park. He turned back and went to park there, to find out what the problem of the bus was…..

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To be continue.

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