My first trip to Abuja and Zaria Episode 9

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After the examination, I and my new found friends, went around the school, talking about the exam we just did and looking around the school with its high glory structures.
Ola had been it the school for about two days and he knew little about the things that went on in the school –Ola na big Lagos boy like me, ;)–, Abubarka was from around there and he knew places around.
Ola had a room there which he got by luck, when he came from Lagos to Zaria.  I and Abubarka followed Ola to his room, to chat up a little.
After our long fun get-to-know each other talk, i left by 2pm back to the house where I stayed. When I got there, I greeted everyone and went to the boys quarter to pick up my books to read.
An hour later, food was brought to me in the boys quarter by the maid –I swear, I was treated like a king over there, I enjoy die. I miss that place die–.  After eating, I stood up and took the plates back to the kitchen, then came back and went back to my reading.
Evening came and i remembered that I had to wash some of my clothes, which were really dirty and smelly.
The whine I had in my bag was no more there, I had given it to the man that housed me as a token of appreciation. I stood up from where I sat and went to my bag, then opened the top zip, where I keep the dirty clothes.
After washing by 6pm, I went back to my room to read –I read like a f**king machine, non stop–. As I was reading, the maid brought food for me again –My people, no be say na joke, but ehn I’m in love with Hausa girls and the way they respect men–.
I thanked her, then mounted the sweet Hausa food –I mean the food oo, not the maid oo. Some of you can think non sense ehn–, which was looking seductive.
After I ate, she came back to pack the plates –mehn Hausa girls can respect o, no be say na joke, I love them jare–.
The next day, I woke up early again and went to the school to write another phase of the examination –The exam was a three days examination and each day, we did a subject or two–.
When I got to the school, I went to meet Ola in his room, Abubarka came minutes after my arrival. We did a little revision, and shared ideas on what and what we might see in the exams (we did two exams that day).
Once the time was 9am, we left his (Ola’s) room to the hall, where the exams would take place. The exams wasn’t so hard and complicated, but little time was given to us, to pen down all we had in our head.
After the exams, three of us walked around the school to explore more of the school. We went around the school loving and enjoying the views, of trees and large field with grasses.
When we were done with exploring, we went back to Ola’s room to chillax and talk about things.
By 3pm, I told them good bye and trekked back to the house because I felt like walking a long distant –Sometimes I just enjoy long walks or trekking, even though I have money in my pocket–.
After trekking for about 30mins, I got to the house and walked straight to the boys quarter. When I was well relaxed, I went outside to pack my clothes which had already dried yesterday –For north ehn, clothes dey dry fast like no tomorrow and the weather condition is on the crazy side, unlike Lagos–.
The next day came for the last exam, so was my enjoy for it. I did my normal morning activities and left for school.
I got to school feeling good and nervous because of the subject we were going to tackle.
I, Ola and Abubarka, sat in the same position unlike other times, when we sat part. The exam wasn’t so difficult as I expected and the things three of us read together (few) came out.
In no time, we were gone with the exam. We walked out of the exam hall smiling like no tomorrow. We went to Ola’s room to gist more –You know na, guys talk and you know that kin talk ;). If you like think another thing, that’s your concern oo–.
After hours of talking and gossiping, Abubarka left because he had things to do.
While I and ola were still talking, two other guys came in (Ola knew them).
We talked and talked, from there one thing led to another, then we started making comedy videos –I was the camera man. Dindy baby!!–. The videos were really funny and cool, we took pictures also, after we were done doing comedy video.
Time had fly pass so fast, when I was having fun and it was now 4pm, so I had to go back to the house, to prepare to go back to Abuja the next day.
I left the school, after I said my good byes to them and collected their phone numbers. When I got to the house, I didn’t waste anytime packing my bag well for my travel the next day.
When the next day (which was a Friday) came alive, I packaged myself and went to tell the man who housed me, that I was about to go back to Abuja.  When I met him, he was still dressing up, so he said I should wait for him.
When he was done, he drove me to the park, where I would find a car going to Abuja.  He dropped me at the park, then told be goodbye and drove off because he had to drop his kids at school.
I entered the park and found a car going to Abuja in no time. I sat at the back seat looking around, then a man selling glasses and wristwatches was walking pass. I called him and bought a sunglass and wristwatch –Swagger things on point–.
Few minutes later, I started praying inside me for a girl to sit beside me, just as I did when I was coming from lagos to Abuja –God always answers my prayers ;)–.
After I prayed, from no where, she came, the Angel of my life………… To be continue.


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