My fucked up story (18+) episode 12

My fucked up story (18+) episode 12

February 23, 2017 My fucked up story, Uncategorized
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took my literature book along, poor me hehehe what do I know?
I reached their gate and waisted no time in going in because the gate is slightly open.
“Justice, the augaust visitor” she shouted ontop oh her voice as she ran towards my direction, as a shy guy, I do avoid hugs from the opposite genders especially in the public, I hug with style lol, but this one came unexpectedly, well thankGod non is staring. She flung on me with full force which sent me staggering if not for my strong stamina, she would have sent me crashing on the ground with full force.
She took me by the hand and dragged me along, as I followed her right back as if I am being pushed behind by a heavy wind, I ran along with her hehehe “Eleyi gidi gan” This one is strong. What is this girl up to. We managed to enter the palour as she let go of my poor hand, I sat on the sofa and she sat very close to me.
” I thought you wouldn’t make it to here today justice, I was just worried ”

” If there is one thing I dont joke with….well that should be my word, I keep my promise ”

” aww thats romantic, welcome to my place once again, what do you care to have? ” she said with this seductive killer tone, ha romantic?, whats romantic about what I just said I thought to myself but then I let that slide, and played along.

” Anything atall ”
” anything is never something, mention it ” she responded
” ok what do you have for me? ” I said with a smile not wanting to mention anything because I might mention the one they dont have in the house.
” I prepared a palatable dish for you ”

” whats that ? ” eager to know the food, this one this girl is treating me like this, Hehehe I can’t remember being a boyfriend to her or is my brain deceiving me?

” wait here, I will be rightback ” she disappeared into the kitchen and appeared with a covered plate. ” thats for you alone cutey ”
” linda you are too much sha, you are such a generous girl, your boyfriend must be enjoying oo, how I wish I have…….. ” I stopped halfway, I am always careful with my words but this one just excaped with full force.

” have a girlfriend like me? ” she chipped in laughing ” ehee that reminds me, how is your girlfriend justice ”

” I dont have any ”
” I dont want to call you a liar justice, but I know certainly that you are just being economical with the truth ” she looked straight into my eyes but I stylishly looked away avoiding those eyes.

” I am serious, forget about the goodlooks, you can call Emeka to confirm ”
” ok eat your food, I will be right back ” she left me in the palour and entered her room. Immediately I opened the covered plate what met my eyes really surprised me, a well prepared abacha (African salad) well garnished with akpaka (native delicacy) several kpomo ontop, slices of very fresh vegetable and garden egg with fried ‘iced fish’ sure these things I see made me forget that I was actually there to render help as a lecturer that I am . I dont know if she prepared the food herself or the food was bought from those people that carry the stuff around, but whichever way thats non of my business but one thing is sure that so much money was invested on that food. I wasted no time in sending those food down to its abode, but I made sure I enjoyed every moment of the trip. Mehn this girl just made my day aswear .


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